Becky Emenhiser seeks another term on Tyrone School Board

Tyrone resident Becky Emenhiser is seeking her second elected term on the Tyrone Area School Board of Directors.
“I got involved in the PTO when my older daughter graduated and my younger daughter was still in school,” said Emenhiser. “I felt that I wanted to be more involved. I have a concern and a commitment to the kids of our school district. When a position opened up on the school board, I sent a letter of interest and was appointed. I enjoy the educational aspects that we deal with, I was interested in continuing my service and I was elected four years ago. My interest is still there, so I am running again.”
There are many issues facing the public school systems today. Emenhiser can’t place a finger on one single issue that is most pressing, but has two issues running neck and neck.
“We are working hard to meet the demands of the No Child Left Behind legislation put forth by President Bush,” said Emenhiser. “There are many tough standards that are part of the program. We are doing our best to make sure that our students reach the proficiency levels that the government has set. Equally as important is the drug problem in our community,” Emenhiser continued. “It is bad in our community with the heroin use that is spreading. These kids are basically killing themselves, so we are battling two very tough issues at the same time.”
In the past two years, the Tyrone Area School Board has put drug testing into effect. In 2002, the board passed a policy on testing for extracurricular activities and in 2003, the board adopted a new and tougher drug awareness policy.
“I believe they are strong policies,” said Emenhiser. “There are a lot of kids who are not in extracurricular activities who are on drugs and that is the one loophole in the policy. We now have it where if we suspect that a student is on drugs at school, we can have them tested. I would like to see more follow up on what happens to the students after they are placed into the Student Assistance Program (SAP). I want to know that they are getting help in the SAP program and not wasting time. The policy has teeth, but may need more tweaking in the future.”
The student population at Tyrone is getting smaller and the board is looking at an expansion project for the middle school that could cost in the range of $8 million.
“There is definitely a need for more classrooms,” said Emenhiser. “I visited a teacher last year who’s classroom was the size of a broom closet. Enrollment is going down right now, but with the houses that are for sale, more families are starting to move to our district and with the completion of I-99, we could see the trend start going toward growth.”
Currently Emenhiser serves as the chairperson of the Human Resources committee for the board.
“If re-elected, I will continue to vote in the best interest of the students of our school district,” said Emenhiser. “I am knowledgeable of the issues that our board and students are facing today. I have taken training courses to become a better board member. I keep abreast of the state budget situation and have e-mail our representatives my thoughts on the situations. We have great teachers and if you attend Tyrone, you will get a good education if you apply yourself.”
Emenhiser is on the Democratic ballot in the November election.