Tyrone tennis falls to Wildcats

The Tyrone girls tennis team hosted Central Mountain on Wednesday in a Mountain Conference Tennis League match.
The doubles team of Hilary McNelis and Missy Stager provided the only win at the Number One doubles in a 6-1 victory for the Lady Wildcats.
This was a tough match that despite the outcome, was closely contested.
“We played well tonight and stayed with them well,” said Tyrone coach Charles Fitzgerald, “but we lost the close points. Both doubles teams did well.
“We are close to being a good team in this league and we will improve.”
Central Mountain 6 Tyrone 1
K. Long (CM) def. Hilary McNelis 8-3.
A. Johnson (CM) def. Missy Stager 8-0.
S. Walker (CM) def. Emily Fitzgerald 8-5.
J. Hayfield (CM) def. Beth Nelson 8-1.
A. Burnworth (CM) def. Becky Swann 8-3.
McNelis/Stager (T) def. Hawkins/Toner 8-6.
Snow/Johnson (CM) def. Fitzgerald/Nelson 9-8 (8-6).