Tyrone Snyder Public Library to participate in Balloons Around the World 2003

Tyrone Snyder Public Library is participating in a world-wide event, Balloons Around the World 2003, scheduled for Wednesday, October 1, starting at 3 p.m.
The library’s special guest for this occasion is Handi the Clown, who will be sharing his balloon twisting skills for both the young and young at heart to enjoy.
Not only will Handi the Clown be visiting the Tyrone Snyder Public Library on this day, but hundreds of balloon artists across the world will be twisting thousands of balloons into dogs, hats, and more, as well as making a variety wonderful decorative sculptures at designated places in their communities.
Handi the Clown and the other balloon artists will be donating an hour of their time for a good cause in their community. The balloon sculptures that will be created are free of charge or can be exchanged for a donation to the designated charity.
Therefore, Balloons Around the World 2003 is an event that allows the balloon artists to showcase their skills as well as to give back to their communities.
“I love to see the twinkle in the kids’ eyes when they get a balloon creation,” said Handi the Clown.
According to Tyrone Snyder Public Library Assistant Director Judie Adams, the purpose of the event is to bring the area community together for the day as well as to utilize the event as a fund raiser for the New Library Project.
Balloons for the occasion are free of charge, but everyone is encouraged to make a donation to the New Library Project.
The world-wide event was such a success last year that there was no reason to not make it an annual event. Close to 800 balloon artists participated during the first Balloons Around the World in schools, libraries and hospitals. They also twisted and decorated in malls, on the street, and even in grocery stores.
Anyone interested in learning about the art of balloon twisting should visit
Also at the Tyrone Snyder Public Library, there is a story hour that started in the beginning of September for three to five year olds scheduled for Wednesdays from 11 a.m. to noon. During this time, children participate in story time, games and crafts. If anyone is interested in enrolling their child, call the library to register.
For more information about Balloons Around the World 2003 or to register for the story hour, call the library at 684-1133.