Two Tyrone women not among finalists in Play for a Billion Sweepstakes

Tyrone area residents had a reason to watch the WB Network last night as two local women were among 1,000 contestants to compete for a grand prize of $1 billion.
Jada Light and Brenda McNelis each qualified to be on the show after registering their caps from Pepsi purchases. The company flew both residents to Orlando, Fla. for a weekend of sun and preparation for the live television show that aired last evening.
“I’m not getting my hopes up, I’m just excited to go to Florida and to meet every one,” said Light in an interview with The Daily Herald on September 4.
McNelis and Light did meet other contestants and enjoyed a weekend of dinners, brunch and hotel accommodations; however, neither women were picked as one of the ten finalists to compete for the cash and prizes.
Richard Bay, a 42-year-old graphics teacher from Princeton, WV, won $1,000,000 when his randomly issued six-digit number on the show was just two digits away from making him a billionaire. Other winners included Dean Cherf, a 35-year-old field engineer from Alabama, who hung in there to win $90,000; Brandt Greiner of Saratoga Springs, NY, who walked away with $80,000; and Bryan Wilson of Ohio, whose wife is expecting their third child in November. He now has an extra $70,000 to welcome the new arrival.
Other finalists won prizes ranging from cash to cars to vacations on the show that bragged about having the largest potential cash prize in television history.
The Daily Herald congratulates both women on their efforts and looks forward to sharing their thoughts, stories, and photographs of their once in a life time experience.