Parent Connect training at Tyrone High School scheduled for September 24

Parent Connect is an innovative web-based program available through the Tyrone Area High School that allows parents to see student information over the Internet.
In order to access their children’s attendance, current grades, demographics, immunizations, emergency contacts, discipline and assignments from the school district, a parent must first register online for the program by clicking on the link provided on the Parent Connect web site and completing the registration information.
Next, the parent must come into school for a short introductory session. It is at this introductory session that the parent will receive a username and password.
Parents may access Parent Connect as often as they wish, and the data is updated daily.
Sessions are scheduled individually during the school day by calling 684-1342 ext. 2709 or by emailing Tyrone Area High School technology consultant Vicki Aults through the school district’s web site.
On Wednesday, September 24, there will be an opportunity for parents to attend training after school hours from 4-7 p.m. All sessions are scheduled for the Tyrone Area High School Room 100. Parents must be registered and must present a picture ID to receive a password.
According to Aults, “The training session is the time when the parent actually receives a username and password to the Parent Connect site. That is the reason a photo identification is required. We must be certain that we are releasing student records to those who have the right to see them. At the training, we review what data can be found, how to set up automatic notifications and when the data is updated.”
Besides the Sept. 24 training session for Parent Connect, parents may come in any time during the school day for their training if they have a scheduled time. Parents may schedule a time by contacting Aults. There is another evening training session scheduled for October 14.
“Parent Connect is a fabulous communications tool, a good starting place for conversations with your child and your child’s teachers,” added Aults.