Opening date for Tyrone-Snyder Public Library pushed back to November

Although plans called for a late September-early October opening of a new library at the corner of West Tenth Street and Pennsylvania Avenue in Tyrone, a library official said Friday that it probably won’t happen until November.
“There are a few things that still need taken care of,” said Chuck Banas, public relations director of the library’s building committee.
Perhaps the biggest of those “few things” is securing a mortgage of roughly $260,000 to help finish paying for the near $700,000 project. Banas said this mortgage will be handled jointly by the five Northern Blair County banking establishments with M & T Bank being the lead organization for the loan.
“With the addition of a $2,000 donation recently received from the Rotary Club’s chicken barbecue, we have raised slightly over $423,000 for the project,” said Banas, noting that additional funding will be given to the building committee from proceeds of last week’s Chamber of Commerce annual golf tournament. “We hope to be close to $425,000 by the end of the month.”
The mortgage must be secured before library officials can begin purchasing the internal shelving and furniture for the new building. Already, the main circulation desk has been ordered and should be in within five to six weeks.
Banas said the securing of the mortgage “shouldn’t be a long or drawn out process,” but noted that because it will take some time, the opening date will be pushed back until at least November.
Committee members are currently busy selecting furniture for the new building. Banas said once the items have been selected, a complete list will be published in The Daily Herald. These items can be “purchased” as a memorial to a loved one, living or deceased.
Banas also said that letters were recently drafted and mailed to Snyder Township, Tyrone Borough and the Tyrone Area School District asking to include the library in each of their 2004-05 budgets.
“We’re working hard to bring a better library to the Northern Blair County area,” said Banas. “This library will provide everything the old library does, plus much, much more.”
The Tyrone-Snyder Public Library is currently located on Logan Avenue in a 3,000 square foot building that is not handicapped accessible. There are no elevators in the two-story structure and the restrooms do not accommodate wheelchair-bound visitors.
The new building will encompass between 7,200 and 3,000 square feet with incorporated plans should the need for future expansion arise. Also, there will be better and more parking facilities and the facility will be fully handicapped.
The new library will also contain a conference room, a computer lab, a historical room, an expanded children’s area, and, for those who know what it’s like working on the second floor of the current building in August – a centralized air conditioning unit.
“I think this will give the community an updated, modern library which would be able to serve preschoolers, through college students and adults,” said Banas.
As far as future fundraisers go, Banas said the committee is discussing a few options. He did note, however, there will not be another large benefit concert until sometime early next year.
Those wishing to make tax-deductible donations are encouraged to contact the library at 684-1133.