Local district named tops in North America by Frito Lay

Every time you sit down and eat a bag of Doritos, or munch on a Rold Gold pretzel, you are helping a local sales team work to repeat as the top district in North America.
The Frito-Lay district manager Joe Faretta, of Tyrone, was named the top district manager of North America for 2002 and his team was right along with him.
“We have a very unique team that is willing to work day and night,” said Faretta. “We increased our business by over $700,000 last year and that helped earn this ranking.”
Frito-Lay operates on a direct sales delivery on every product.
“We handle all the stores in central Pennsylvania,” said Faretta. “Our people load the trucks themselves, handle the deliveries and interact with the stores. I help them grow their routes.”
When you walk into Bickle’s Surplus or Wal-Mart and buy chips, you are helping out a local team of salespeople.
“We handle Central Pennsylvania from border to border,” said Faretta. “We have over 700 accounts that include Sheetz, Giant Eagle, Weis Markets, BiLo and Martin’s. We take care of video stores, Dollar General, Rossi’s Exxon and Snappy’s. The local stores do great business for us and helped us achieve the top standing in North America.”
Part of the success that Faretta’s team has achieved is because of their dedication to the community.
“We never turn down a request for a donation or sponsorship,” said Faretta. “We always contribute either financially or with product. As a group we know that giving back to the community is part of our success.”
Once you hit the top of the mountain, it is tough to stay on top.
“We have plans in place to add between two and four people,” said Faretta. “We are also looking forward to the launching of Staxx, a new canistered chip that will guarantee freshness. It took over two-and-a-half years to market this new brand and Dana Carvey is going to be the spokesman. It is expected that this will grow business by 10 percent alone.
“Another good thing that Frito-Lay has done is in a health conscience society is to make all of our products in corn oil, not saturated fat like the competition does,” said Faretta. “That switch alone has helped increase business.”
When looking for people to add to his sales staff, Faretta looks at the Tyrone and Altoona area first.
“We offer great paying jobs with Frito-Lay,” said Faretta. “I look to the people in Tyrone and Altoona because they are good hard workers and are good people who make and keep relationships. They take care of customers.
Faretta, his wife Lisa and two children Jordan and Kassie live in Tyrone.
“It is very tough to juggle work and family,” said Faretta. “I am fortunate to have a great wife and good workers. It is a 24-7 operation and we have a great team.
“Giving back is part of what gets you to the top,” Faretta said. “We are happy to give back. If there is an event that needs sponsorship, feel free to call me at 941-8612.”