Local Boy Scout to improve downtown Bellwood

The area in downtown Bellwood where the old bridge once crossed is definitely an eyesore.
Now known as Bellwood’s Main Street Park, the area is nothing more than a vacant lot with large stones in the forefront of the area.
But thanks to 15-year-old Joshua Hanna, that area will soon be renovated into a “real” park atmosphere where residents can peacefully sit and just enjoy some time alone.
“I just wanted to do something nice where people can go and sit,” said Hanna, who is working on the project to complete a requirement for his Eagle Scout badge.
Last month, Hanna approached Bellwood Borough Council and proposed the renovations to the park, which were met with cheers from the community’s leaders.
“It’s a great idea and it looks like he really has his plans in order,” said council president Wayne Snare. “This project will really make that area look a whole lot better than it does now.”
The entire plan was designed by Hanna, who is a member of Boy Scout Troop 29, sponsored by the Calvary United Methodist Church in Bellwood.
“I had a bunch of different ideas,” said Hanna. “But after sitting down and working through them for about a month, I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to do.”
According to Hanna, the entire area will be re-landscaped, including a concrete walkway leading to the center of the park where visitors will find a 16-foot in diameter circular pad that will someday be the base for a monument. Here, there will also be a flag pole established. Behind the circular pad, a picnic area will be established.
Lining the park will be benches, and Hanna said there is also plans to plant shrubbery around the park, including in the front area, so it can be viewed from Main Street. Hanna said two benches have already been purchased.
“I’m really excited to get moving on this,” Hanna told The Daily Herald. He said there was no time frame for the project.
Hanna said the project would cost a couple of thousand of dollars, and as required by the Boy Scouts of America, this must be accumulated through fund-raising efforts.
After the park is renovated, Hanna said maybe the community will decide to relocate the annual Christmas tree to the area. For years, the tree was erected in front of the borough building on Main Street.
“It will just be a better area for all the community events that surround that tree during the holiday season,” said Hanna.
Hanna has been involved in scouting since first grade and became a Boy Scout just four years ago. He said he set a goal to become an Eagle Scout when he received his Life badge.