Hotel chain considering Tyrone location

Tyrone Mayor Pat Stoner is hard at work in fulfilling one of her goals before she leaves office.
“Since I went into office five-and-a-half years ago, getting a hotel to locate here has been one of my top priorities and one thing I want to do before I leave office,” Stoner told The Daily Herald this morning.
The possibility of a chain to locate here, may still be in the infancy stages, however two visits over the last six months, and a third visit planned in the next week-and-a-half, indicates that things are moving forward.
Mayor Stoner indicated that she’s been close before but was disappointed. With the new interest from this chain, the mayor has been working with some representatives from State College. She had approached them two years ago, but at that time, there was no interest. But six months ago, they were contacted again, came to town and had lunch with the mayor and the talking began. The mayor did not indicate what chain she is currently working with.
“They want close access to I-99 and we are the only community in Blair or Bedford County that provides that. No one is better located then Tyrone. And with our Streetscape project we have built something that invites them in,” said Stoner. “They were very impressed on how close we were to the interstate and just needed to be here to see it first hand.”
With the new section of Interstate being completed and Tyrone’s central location between the Pennsylvania Turnpike and Interstate 80, Tyrone could be the perfect location.
“Also you have major sporting events, fishing and hunting seasons, families visiting residents of the high rise and you have no place to stay locally. Going to Altoona is the only option,” said Stoner.
The mayor has been assured that if it happens, the new hotel will be built utilizing four floors of rooms and highlight the downtown area. The next stage for the possible project will to hire a facilitator to explore finding property and a accessible location off the Interstate.
“This will be huge for Tyrone if it happens,” said Stoner.
Since taking office, Mayor Stoner has been doing more than an average mayor does in a small town. Her grant writing ability has enabled the downtown Streetscape project to take place.
“But I’m only 60 to 65 percent towards my goal of being 100 percent on the goals I set out to achieve,” Stoner replied.
Some work will still be done on the Streetscape project this fall, mainly the area in front of Burger King. Other projects have been held up this summer waiting for approval by the historic community. Other areas to still be completed include the VFW area, Choice convenience store area and more of 10th Street to Herald Street.
Research from the Pennsylvania Downtown Center told the mayor that people are eager to shop again in downtown areas, instead of the malls.
“Now with our downtown area so attractive, new businesses are more eager to start up. And new business people have told me that if the downtown area hadn’t been re-done, that they wouldn’t have come here,” said Stoner.
As she strives towards her goals, more funding opportunities are being applied for. “The money that we apply for can only be used for what it’s supposed to be used for,” said Stoner. “And I’m not going to ignore bringing in funds that are available.”
With two-and-a-half years left in office, and an indication that she won’t run again, Mayor Stoner will continue to work towards her goals, including a ribbon cutting for a brand new Tyrone based hotel.