Bryan seeks first elected term on council

When Sara Jane Miller resigned from Tyrone Borough Council in 2002, the body selected Jennifer Bryan to finish her term. Now Bryan is seeking her first elected term on the Tyrone council.
“I have really enjoyed my service on council thus far,” said Bryan. “I have learned a lot about the inter-workings of the borough government, the services that are provided by the borough and the different things that the state and county are involved in. There is so much to the operation that I still have to learn, but I want to keep serving. I enjoy meeting the people of Tyrone and I think that Tyrone is heading in the right direction.”
Bryan voted in favor of the Tyrone borough approving KOEZ and LERTA zones.
“These breaks are a great opportunity to entice business here,” said Bryan. “We have a great location with a close proximity to I-99. These breaks help business expand and will help our area begin to grow.”
There are many needs Tyrone faces for a better future.
“I believe that we are heading in the right direction,” said Bryan. “We need to continue with the progress that we are making in getting the downtown improved. The candidates for borough manager are quite impressed with the direction we have been taking. We have an active council that does its best to use the resources that are available. There are many things that still need addressed like the sewage rates, but we are moving in a positive direction.”
The Tyrone sewer department is running in a deficit partially because of Governor Rendell’s repealing of Act 339 and also the closing of Westvaco.
With the additions of KOEZ and LERTA zones, there will be an impact on the tax rates from the borough.
“There isn’t a lot we can do about taxes because the county hasn’t done a reassesment of taxes since the 1950s,” said Bryan. “We watch the budget and we have to get creative in how we use the resources.We have good department heads who don’t spend money unless it is needed. The one advantage about having the home rule charter, there must be a balanced budget.”
Bryan is looking forward to continue her service to the council.
“I want to help continue to work with the council and the new borough manager and mayor,” said Bryan. “I think we are making progress. I ask a lot of questions to make sure I know answers. When people ask questions, if I don’t know the answer, I go to who would and get the answer for them. I look forward to the opportunity to continue to make a difference in Tyrone.”
Bryan appears on both ballots in the November election. Bryan is registered as a Democrat, but received enough write in votes in the May primary to appear on the Republican ballot as well.