Bickle seeks Snyder Township supervisor post

(Editor’s note: This is the first in a multi-part series in which the Daily Herald introduces the candidates for local offices to our readers. Today, Snyder Township Supervisor candidate Joy Bickle.)

In the May primary, Northwood resident Joy Bickle ran unopposed and captured the Democratic nomination for the position of Snyder Township supervisor. She will face Charles Diehl in the November election.
Bickle, who is the administrative assistant for New Life Assembly of God Church, believes that the future is bright for Snyder Township.
“I see more building, more business, more companies and more jobs coming to the township,” said Bickle. “Recently we have seen a positive progression made and I believe that there is more work to be done.”
Bickle praised the supervisors’ recent vote to pass LERTA in the township.
“I feel it is absolutely necessary to give tax breaks to attract new business or get existing businesses to expand,” said Bickle. “I believe that we need to work with and get along with our neighbors in Tyrone and the rest of the county. Everybody should get along with their neighbors. You don’t want to see just one place grow, you want to see the whole county growing.”
On the topic of zoning, Bickle is in favor of zoning in Snyder Township.
“I believe it (zoning) is necessary,” said Bickle. “I am proud of the progress that the township has made to get an ordinance into place to see zoning to start coming into play.”
Bickle believes that the low tax rate is one of the things that attracts people to Snyder Township.
“I don’t feel that taxes in the township are that bad,” said Bickle. “I wouldn’t want to see taxes raised in the future. I believe that a property tax reassessment is needed in hopes of having taxes lowered.”
Bickle believes that communication is the key to being an effective township supervisor.
“I would like to see more community input,” said Bickle. “There needs to be more cooperation between the township government and the residents of the township. There are times in which it is very evident that the supervisors who don’t listen to the people of the township.”
Bickle also wants to see the people of the township more informed.
“There are many things that happen that the people don’t understand,” said Bickle. “The residents just don’t have the knowledge of the laws, ordinances and codes that the township has to work under.
“I would like to see the township supervisors explain why they do things better. Tell the people what code or ordinance that applies to the decisions that they make.”
Bickle will appear on the November ballot as the Democratic nominee for Snyder Township Supervisor.