Tyrone Rotary working to make people living alone safer

The Tyrone Rotary Club has always been helping those less fortunate in the community.
Whether it’s sponsoring events for young people or feeding families at Christmas time, its always there extending a hand.
Now, the Rotary Club has embarked on an important mission to offer a safeguard for those elderly folks and disabled residents who live alone.
The RU-OK program is still in its infant stages, but Rotarian Randy Miles Sr. is hoping that by the holiday season, the program is up and running.
According to Miles, the program is a system used to check on the welfare of people living by themselves and who are dependent on the social services system for survival. He said people with developmental disabilities and the elderly population would be the perfect candidates for the program. He also mentioned that it would be a free service.
“What this program would do is place a phone call to everyone who signs up for the program sometime between 7:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. each day,” said Miles. “If they answer the phone, the program will automatically hang up showing that particular person is okay. If the phone is not answered, the program will automatically call back in seven minutes.”
He said if again, there is no answer, the program would automatically contact a close relative, neighbor, or friend, and the local police department to make a check on that person.
“It’s really a great program that has worked in other areas,” said Miles. “I don’t know of any programs like this in the local area, but I’m hoping with the institution of this program here, other communities will catch on.”
The program was made possible after the Rotary Club filled out a lengthy grant application and submitted it to the Foundation of Rotary International.
“We thought we’d receive about $1,000,” said Miles. “But to my surprise, we were actually awarded $7,500. After that, I knew we could get the program up and running.”
The funding will be used to purchase the expensive equipment necessary for the program. Should the project move ahead as planned, this equipment would be placed in the borough’s police department.
Miles said he has contacted Joe Harford at Reclamere, a computer recycling agency in Tyrone, about acquiring the equipment. He has also talked to the borough about the program, and said it has expressed an interest in helping with the program.
The program is completely voluntary.
“We’re hoping people will see the benefits of this program,” said Miles. “We’re planning to visit the different nursing care facilities in the Tyrone area and making a presentation about the program so people know what it is all about. We’ll also make presentation at other community events and other functions just to get the word out.”
Miles said the goal of the Rotary Club is to improve the quality of life of the community that surrounds it.
Miles also mentioned the Club is also in the planning stages of a local literacy program to help families in the community who’s children are falling behind in the classroom.
“We have a lot of beneficial things being put up on the drawing board right now, and we’re working hard to make some of these programs work here in Tyrone,” said Miles.