Pyramid Healthcare fails to meet township requirements

Snyder Township Engineer Bill Gohn gave an update to the supervisors of a recent inspection of Pyramid Healthcare in which 15 items of the facility failed to meet with township requirements.
At last night’s meeting, Gohn told supervisors last Tuesday the engineers reviewed the Pyramid Healthcare site to make sure it was in compliance with codes.
He supplied a list of items he said Pyramid has not completed, including storm water management issues, installation of new fencing, installation of a new parking area, installation of a handicapped space in front of the school, and other issues with paving, landscaping and enclosing areas.
Township solicitor Allen Gibboney said since township ordinances are involved, the monetary fines and penalties in the ordinances would comply if it came to that point.
The board of supervisors needed to decide on a time for compliance and then send a letter to Pyramid Healthcare.
The supervisors agreed on a 30 day period, beginning August 4.
Pyramid Healthcare has 30 days to comply by the letter, or further action by the township can be taken.