Paese and Hoff out on bail awaiting trial for drug charges

The owner of a local Tyrone business is awaiting trial on drug charges in Blair County Court.
Charges were filed on May 13, 2003 against Sandra Paese of 2 Oak Hill Lane in Snyder Township and Donald “Snooks” Hoff of 1314 Washington Avenue, Tyrone. Paese, 49, faces one charge each of delivery of a controlled substance, criminal conspiracy, possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. Hoff, 50, faces one charge of delivery of a controlled substance, criminal conspiracy and two charges of possession of a controlled substance.
A warrant was served at Paese’s residence on May 9, 2003. In the affidavit of probable cause it says officers arrived to arrest Hoff, the officers observed, in plain view, a metal wire on the table that used as an aid to smoke crack cocaine. While the officer spoke to Hoff, Paese tried to hide the wire under a phone book and some napkins. After Hoff was removed from the residence, officers spoke to Paese about the wire on the table. Officers advised Paese that she was not under arrest. They were there to arrest Hoff, not her.
Paese indicated that the only controlled substances and paraphernalia was on the table top. Paese pointed out the wire and a small chunk of crack cocaine and said that Hoff had a crack pipe earlier. She was unsure of where that was.
Later, the officers noticed a baggie in plain view that contained an off-white powder substance in a half open box on a shelf next to the table in which the crack cocaine was found. The officer found an owe sheet and a car rental agreement in Paese’s name. They also found a velvet box that contained pills and hash.
The officer asked Paese if he could look in a free standing wooden closet. Paese agreed. The officer found a gym bag that contained a triple beam scale.
When asked about the cocaine, Paese indicated that she knew what it was but it was not hers or Hoff’s. She later told the officer that it was Hoff’s and said to the officer, “Why would he show up here with only a 50 rock?”
Officers noted that there were additional pipes on the table. Officers asked Hoff about the pipes and he said that Paese collected them.
Hoff waived his preliminary hearing and was released on $30,000 unsecured bond.
The preliminary hearing for Paese was held on June 17 and all charges have been bound over for court. She is free on $5,000 straight cash bond.
The delivery of controlled substance and criminal conspiracy charges are felony charges and each carry a maximum of 15 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. The possession of controlled substance is a misdemeanor and carries a maximum sentence of one year in jail and a $500 fine. The possession of drug paraphernalia is a misdemeanor and carries a maximum sentence of one year in jail and a fine of $2,500.
Paese was represented by attorney Phillip Robertson who was unavailable for comment at press time. Hoff is represented by attorney Kemps from the Blair County Public Defenders Office.
Both Paese and Hoff are facing a maximum of 32 years in prison and $510,000 in fines if convicted.