Special Interest

One Delicious Memory

Residents growing up in Tyrone had one particular advantage over the rest of the world. It’s something no native could ever forget. In fact, when we make our annual pilgrimage to Tyrone this pleasure is one of the first things we think about. We are not alone in this desire. This mouth watering treat is attained in only one location. Always has been. And if you were not one of the chosen few to be reared in Tyrone, you would probably drive right past the shop where this unique cuisine is prepared. Before you get the idea I am thinking about some savory chocolate treat, think again.

What I am referring to is much more filling and much more addictive. I don’t know what they put in those things to keep us coming back, but it works. No where else do they shred that lettuce so fine and then place it on the bottom. A healthy helping of meat, cheese, and those onions on top! Are they delivered from heaven or what? It is my conviction that whatever they do to those onions is what keeps us coming back.

Yes, Tyrone is the home of the world’s best sandwich! Where you live they may call this type sandwich a hero sandwich, a grinder, or a sub, but if you ask anyone in the Sweitzer family they will set you straight; It’s a hoagie. Cold, medium or hot. And I am getting more hungry by the minute. Trust me, I could call right now too. After all these years I still have their number memorized. I wonder if they ever started delivering and how far away? Do you think they could bring a half dozen medium hoagies here to Georgia for me?