Team Ten remains somewhat anonymous

Although the news is out there that a group known as “Team Ten LLC” has purchased the Westvaco Mill and plan to open the plant, thus creating 170 new jobs for Northern Blair County, there still remains somewhat of a secret.
Who is Team Ten?
According to John Ferner, president of Team Ten LLC, the group actually has 12 partnering members who put up $5 million in private capital, assets, etc., to help get in bringing the plan to where it got to today.
Ferner was tight-lipped about the entire team, noting that some members were employed elsewhere presently and wished not to be identified at this point in time. He did say, however, that seven of the 12 individuals were previously employed at the mill.
Those named include: Delmont Sunderland, Charles Whitford, James Zuhlke, Clark Adelman, Harry Sickler, Don Devoris, Fred Teigler, Randy Tarpey and John Ferner.
The Daily Herald will continue to follow the developments in this important economic announcement and keep our readers up-to-date concerning the opportunities and continued progress of American Eagle Paper Mills.