Team Ten closing date on Mill pushed back to late July

When the Altoona-Blair County Development Corporation held its press conference to announce the sale of the Westvaco plant in Tyrone to a group of investors working at Team Ten LLC, it was expected that the sale of the plant would close on July 18.
The $3 million price tag for the facility, water rights, repairs and start up costs was put together through a package of local investments, a state grant and federal money.
“We were supposed to close on the 18th, but it has been pushed back to the 25th or maybe a few days later,” said Team Ten LLC President John Ferner. “There are still some little things that need ironed out.”
The mill will be operating at American Eagle Paper Mill, making uncoated paper and is expected to employ 170 people when the operation resumes.
“We are still accepting resumes at Career Link,” said Ferner. “We haven’t started sorting through the applicants or doing interviews yet. That will probably be starting next week.”
For the 170 jobs expected to be filled at the re-start of the Tyrone mill, more than 1,000 applicants have applied through Career Link.
“We have had over 100 of the former employees of the mill re-apply with Career Link,” said Ferner.
Before the mill becomes operational again, there is work to be done.
“We have work that needs done on the roofs of several buildings,” said Ferner. “We also have some boiler work that needs done as well.”
Those projects were put out to bid by the ABCD Corporation recently and are expected to be awarded soon.
“The main thing we need to get working on is the boiler and turban maintenance shut down,” said Ferner. “This is an annual thing when the plant is in full operation. It needs to be inspected and the insurance company has to sign off on the inspection to get things rolling. Then we need to test the steamlines and the pumps to get things ready.”
While sitting idle for nearly two years, Westvaco maintained the equipment in case there was a need to reopen the facility.
When the announcement of the sale took place, Ferner spoke of coming back to see the plant in operation in September.
“We have pushed my original start date back a little bit,” said Ferner. “We are still shooting to have the workforce in place and the plant operational by mid-to-late-September.”
The Tyrone mill opened its doors in 1880 and was taken over by Westvaco in 1889 and ceased operations on Oct. 31, 2001.