Powerball frenzy hits Tyrone

Lottery retailers in Tyrone have seen increased traffic and new faces as people prepare and play for the $250 million Powerball jackpot.
The drawing will be held tonight at 10:59 p.m.
Diane Koslow, store manager at the Choice location at 10th Street and Logan Avenue says the traffic has increased 50 percent as the jackpot has grown. She also indicated that she has seen a lot of new faces
“They don’t know what they are buying, but they say they want the big one,” said Koslow.
At her location, most people choose the “quick pick” option with a computer random selecting the potential winning numbers. Powerball tickets are $1 and feature five numbers and a Powerball number. Currently, odds are 120 million to one to win the jackpot, and you can opt for the Power Play feature for another dollar.
Conny Riggleman, of Conny’s Variety on Pennsylvania Avenue, told The Daily Herald that the jackpot has actually grown by $10 million in the last few days due to heavy playing, and that could grow even higher before the drawing this evening.
“We’ve seen an increase in traffic, new faces and some of our regulars buying more tickets for the Powerball,” said Riggleman. “Some people just say give me a shot at it for $1.”
Most regular Pennsylvania lottery players choose to go with the smaller games and the smaller odds.
But nationally, people are buying more tickets than normal. The jackpot has rolled over 17 times since May 10th, making tonight’s drawing the fourth largest jackpot in the game’s history. Don’t quit your job in advance of tonight’s drawing. If you buy one ticket, there are 119,999,999 other choices. Buy two, there are 119,999,998 other choices. Buy 100, and you still have 119,999,900 other possible combinations of numbers.
The largest Powerball jackpot in history was captured last year by a 55-year-old West Virginia contractor who won $314.9 million on Christmas Day. The richest lottery prize in U.S. history was $363 million in the Big Game jackpot, won by two players in Illinois and Michigan in 2000.
Lottery locations in Tyrone expect to continue to see more traffic and Powerball ticket purchases up until Powerball closes this evening. If you win and choose to take the cash in one lump sum, you would secure 100 million dollars after taxes.
(The Associated Press Contributed to this article.)