LERTA approved by Tyrone School Board

At Tuesday’s meeting of the Tyrone Area School Board of Directors, the board approved the LERTA (Local Economic Revitalization Tax Assistance) Act for the district. The board also took care of many personnel and financial matters.
By approving the LERTA zone for the school district, will establish tax exemptions for real property located within deteriorated areas of the county designated by local municipalities; providing for the implementation thereof, including the contingency of adoption of concurrent legislation by other affected municipalities.
“All the municipalities need to approve the LERTA Zone for it to go into effect,” said Dr. William Miller, Tyrone superintendent of schools. “This will help to make our area attractive and encourage, support and entice new business to the area.
The board also entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Reliance Bank for construction of Vocational House Project number two.
“We were very pleased with the way Reliance Bank worked with us during the construction of the last home our students built,” said Miller. “We are looking forward to working with them on this next project.”
The body also approved a contract for the 2003-04 school year with Dr. Sam Dean, as the district’s grant writer.
“This is a good move for the district,” said board treasurer Rev. Norman Huff. “We definitely get more in grants than we pay Sam for. This is definitely is a good investment.”
The board unanimously accepted the resignations of Frances Parker as middle/high school special education supervisor.
“Frances did a great job for us in her three years in a very challenging position with the district,” said Miller. “She has excellent skills and was great dealing with the parents of special needs children. She was the person who opened up the lines of communication with Pyramid at Greentree Village. She spent a lot of time building a positive relationship between the district and Greentree. We wish her well in her future endeavors.”
In other board personnel action:
• accepted the resignation of Jeffrey King, 10/11 grade English teacher;
• accepted the resignation of Stacy Kemp as Speech/Language Support Teacher for the 2002-02 extended school year;
• accepted the resignation of Carol Patterson as elementary custodian;
• approved the transfer Lisa Wedmaier from grade 2 to grade 1;
• approved the transfer of Special Education aide Patricia Kenewall from the middle school to the elementary school;
• approved the transfer of Special Education aides Betsy Barndt and Wendy Johnson from one high school classroom to another;
• approved the transfer of Elementary Title I aide D. Jane Johnson to the position of elementary special education classroom aide assigned to grades K-3 Learning Support Classroom;
• approved Karen Gilliland as substitute elementary physical education teacher for the first semester of the 2003-04 school year at a salary of $15,500 and full benefits;
• approved the election of Sharon Kimberling as substitute Elementary Guidance Counselor for the first semester of the 2003-04 school year at a salary of $15,500 and full benefits;
• approved Renee Jamison as a full-time K-4 Classroom Teacher at a salary of $31,679 and full benefits
• approved Brett Witmer as a full-time Grade 3 Classroom Teacher with a salary of $31,500 plus master’s degree and full benefits;
• approved Colleen Ferrari as full-time Middle School Art Teacher at a salary of $32,192 and full benefits;
• approved Lauren Storm as a full-time Grade 11 English Teacher at a salary of $31,000;
• approved Jeanie Knouse as Middle/High School Special Education Supervisor. This 215-day, Act 93 contract position is at a salary of $59,000 and full benefits;
• approved the termination of the Middle School Learning Support Paraprofessional position due to services provided by Therapeutic Support Staff. The position was held by Mark Raffetto;
• approved the termination of the Elementary Student Assistance Program/Safe Schools Coordinator position due to election to Penn State University staff through the Safe Schools/Healthy Students Grant. The position was previously held by Laura DiDomenico;
• approved the election of grade level chairpersons for Grades 1-4. They are Jennifer DeHaven for Grade 1, Carol Harrison for Grade 2, Elaine Smithmyer for Grade 3 and Jeanine Fries for Grade 4. These positions are at a salary of $1,082.42 and the length of term is two years;
• approved Kimberly Eaken as substitute Elementary Guidance Department Chairperson for the first semester of the 2003-04 school year at a salary of $541.21;
• approved the election of Glenna Emel as co-advisor of the Middle School newspaper at a salary of $307.20.
The board also approved Michelle Dutrow, elementary principal to attend the 2003 Summer Communications Institute to be held in San Francisco, Ca., August 3-6. Expenses to be paid through the Safe Schools/Healthy Students Grant.