Beauty and tranquility

When the personal care wing of Epworth Manor was torn down, a nearby garden was also destroyed.
The garden served a myriad of purposes, most notably, it gave residents of the personal care home a peaceful place to rest, sit and chat, or just take in a sunny afternoon.
Now, the garden is on its way back as master gardeners have been chipping in some time to help it become a reality once again.
“We’re excited to have the garden back for our residents,” said Pauline Stout, activities director at Epworth Manor. “The residents enjoy being outside and surrounded by beautiful plants, flowers and trees. Once this project is completed, we’re going to have a beautiful area for all of them to enjoy.”
According to Stout, about a month ago, fellow master gardener Deb Watts and Katie Mardayat donated some of their time to begin the garden. Stout thanked a number of individuals who contributed to the beginnings of the project, including Tyrone Milling, Wal-Mart of Altoona, Engleman Florist and Greenhouses, Blair County Recycling Center, and Tom Ford of the Penn State University Ag Extension Office.
“We really need to thank all these individuals and organizations for their generosity and hand work,” said Stout.
The area now has benches available for sitting and a wheel-chair accessible yard swing. Surrounding and contained within the area are a number of different plants, trees and flowers, including older plants, such as flaxseed.
Current plans include the construction of a memory garden and the development of a raised garden for vegetable.
Residents are working on making stepping stones for a path and bird houses to add to the area. Also, a couple of trees have been added as memorials.
Interested community members are welcome to add to the outdoor site by contributing funds to help with adding plants, trees and other additions to the garden.
For more information, contact Epworth Manor at 684-0320.