Antis Township notes upcoming roadwork

Anis Township Supervisor Ray Amato would like motorists traveling township roads to know of upcoming work scheduled in the area.
River Road will be closed, from the Fostoria Crossing to the entrance of the Ardie J. Dillen Industrial Park, due to a bridge replacement project on River Road. The work is scheduled from Monday, July 7 to July 18.
“Local traffic will be able to enter and exit from either side of the bridge, but will not be able to cross the bridge,” said Amato.
Also, Amato noted that paving will begin taking place July 21 and should be done within three days.
“The biggest inconvenience to travelers will be in the Bellmeade area,” said Amato, noting that that area of the township hasn’t been paved in about 10 years.
Areas to be paved include North Second Street, Stetter Road and River Road in Bellwood; Parway Drive, Alpine Drive, Hawthorne Drive and Bellmeade Drive in Bellmeade; and Findley Avenue and Graham Drive in Pinecroft.
Amato said painting lines should occur a week or two after that date.
There is also a major renovation project occurring on Graham Drive. Amato said township workers have dug part of the road up and plan to re-stone, re-dig ditches and blacktop the area.
The Antis Township building’s parking lot is scheduled for paving on July 7, the same date workers are to begin erecting the new township storage building.