Local Intelligence

What a great year it has been for Bellwood-Antis high school athletics.
From the start of football season last year through the baseball season, they’ve had an incredible run. While the state championship baseball game was canceled today, I am confident that the weekend off does nothing to hurt the team’s chances of winning. Congratulations to all the coaches, players and families of Bellwood-Antis on a remarkable season of athletic successes.
Are these people crazy? Why is there another dance scheduled at the Citizen’s Fire Department tonight? The department has disbanded, the bank is foreclosing and the dances aren’t supposed to happen. I sure hope the Tyrone Borough Police Department is there to shut this thing down before something else happens.
So what is going to happen with the former Citizens Fire Department social hall? There are a lot of possibilities with that building. I think we could hear about some of them as early as next week.
Soon, we will start to reveal details of the next concert to benefit the Tyrone-Snyder Library. The first concert was well received and this one I think is going to be even better. I already know most of the line up that is coming. And I think its incredible! Bit by bit, and week by week, details will be released in The Daily Herald. Trust me and get your tickets early when they go on sale.
Welcome to Tyrone to Jason Vaux and his new electronics store opening in the old Radio Shack building. He was a pleasure to speak with and is a very positive person. Vaux Electronics will be opening soon on Tenth Street in downtown Tyrone.
The Fred Waring exhibit at the Tyrone History museum is really good.
Since I’ve been talking about Mr. Waring and an upcoming project involving both The Daily Herald and WTRN radio, I’ve had the opportunity to meet some wonderful people who have shared stories and even pictures.
I learned this week that WTRN used to use Fred Waring’s classic song “Sleep” when it signed off at the end of its broadcast day. I can guarantee that the same song will be used to close out the Fred Waring radio show that I’m producing. I think you will find this project unique, as the 20-page printed piece will be your guide as you listen to the radio show. More details are coming soon!
Also welcome back to Dave Schildt! He’s the new program director at the Tyrone YMCA. We wish him the best in his new position.
What do you think of the staff changes at The Daily Herald? It’s been a very smooth transition so far. I want to thank the staff for that. Please drop me an e-mail at anytime to offer your opinions or suggestions to make your newspaper better for you, our readers. You can e-mail me at anytime.
Insulin is a miracle drug! My sugar levels are now down to those of a normal person. My energy level has gone through the roof. I’ve actually gained some weight for the first time in three years. It just feels that much better to come to work in the morning. I feel great!
Once again, we wish the Bellwood-Antis Blue Devils the best when they finally play in the state championship game next week. I know they’re going to win and put the icing on the cake on the incredible athletic run at BA this year.
Have a great weekend! The weather man says we will have a string of sunny days next week. I’ll believe it when I see it.