Joshua House among groups looking to buy Citizens

Within days of the Citizens Volunteer Fire Company closing its doors, there are several groups lining up to purchase the social hall.
It was reported earlier this week in The Daily Herald that the Tyrone Community Partnership voted to pursue the possibility of purchasing the Social Hall. Jim Kilmartin of the Joshua House told The Daily Herald yesterday that his organization is looking into purchasing the properties.
The Joshua House has been located in Tyrone for nearly five years, has been looking for a larger space for its operation. The purpose of the Joshua House is to provide a safe haven for young people and share the word of God with them.
“We definitely need a larger facility,” said Kilmartin. “It would get us off the corner (of 10th street and Pennsylvania Avenue). There have been complaints about the bikes being in front of our building. I understand the concerns by merchants and local officials. We are hoping that we can work something out.”
Five years ago this fall, the Joshua House opened its doors to serve the young people of the community. Many expected it to come and go, but the need has continued for this service and the Joshua House has expanded every year.
“We would like to acquire both properties (the fire house and social hall),” said Kilmartin. “We could rent the social hall to help make us more self-sustaining and open the fire house for other things. Our hands are tied with our location and space.”
With the expanded location and space, Kilmartin feels there would be more to offer the young people of Tyrone.
“We would like to offer more venture sports for the kids to do,” said Kilmartin. “The space is perfect for us to expand.”
Currently The Joshua House has a pool table, computers and a mini-library. With the expansion more activities could be offered.
In the recent months, The Joshua House has tried to purchase the building that houses Patrice’s Boutique and the former Radio Shack location.
“We have talked to Bob Bilger from Reliance Bank,” said Kilmartin.
“We are doing everything we can to help make this happen. We want to offer a service to the young people and young adults of the Tyrone community.”
The Joshua House is preparing for its annual three-on-three basketball tournament in July and its fifth anniversary celebration in the fall.
The Citizens Fire Company closed its doors this week after 122 years of service to the Tyrone Community. The company turned in the deed to Reliance Bank in lieu of foreclosure on Wednesday.
The Citizens still owed over $300,000 on the social hall and was struggling financially.
Following the resignations of Chief Dave Lynch and Assistant Chief Mike Beckwith, Tyrone Borough Council voted to pull its funding of the company and the members voted to disband.