Flags flying high at Tyrone Hospital again

Old glory and the flag of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are now proudly waving on the campus of Tyrone Hospital.
The flags were raised at the hospital for the first time this week with members of the hospital family on hand to witness the event.
Hospital employees who participate in a monthly focus group meeting noted that the hospital previously had a flag flying in front of the hospital. But, with the renovations of the facility over the years, as well as heliport concerns, the flag and flagpole were taken down.
“We thought it was important to bring the flag back” said Brenda Hawes, of the Business Office and a member of the hospital’s employee focus group. “We contacted our state representative Jerry Stern and he graciously donated the flags that we have raised today.”
Representative Stern donated a 5-by-8 foot American flag as well as a 3-by-5 foot flag of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
“I am honored to present this United States flag and flag of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to the Tyrone Hospital.” said Representative Jerry Stern. “With the circumstances that face our American troops on foreign soil, the significance of the red, white, and blue and what it stands for, symbolizes our freedoms and liberty. We are mindful of the blessings we have because of the sacrifice of others.
“Our commonwealth flag and our United States flag represent the quality of life we currently enjoy.”
The staff of the hospital’s maintenance department erected the flagpole and two of the department’s employees, Mark Barony,and Phil Maceno, did the honor of raising the flags for the first time. Mr. Maceno is also a military veteran.
The hospital plans to light the flags at some point in the future.