Family Chill and Grill under construction in Bald Eagle

A new ice cream soft serve and family grill is under construction along Business Route 220 in Bald Eagle.
Proprietor Scott Illig is planning the Family Chill and Grill in two phases.
The first phase is a soft serve ice cream portion of the restaurant which will focus on chocolate, vanilla and twist ice cream.
There will also be a flavor of the week, low fat yogurt, and non-sugar ice cream. Many extras will be highlighted like banana splits, ice cream sundaes, and other ice cream delights.
The soft serve ice cream section of the Family Chill and Grill is scheduled to open July 4th weekend. The opening will be just in time for local children and families to enjoy a nice, cold ice cream cone on a hot, summer’s day.
The second phase of the Family Chill and Grill will be a family grill where customers can sit down at a counter while the cooks make the food fresh on the grills. Illig said he plans for the family grill to be open for breakfast and lunch. The days of operation and times the restaurant will be open are scheduled to be announced closer to the actual opening.
The construction of the family grill portion of the restaurant will hopefully be completed in the fall, and then be ready to open for business, along with the soft serve ice cream phase of the restaurant. Since Illig runs a construction business, he is completing the work himself.
Outside of the restaurant there will be an array of picnic tables for customers to sit and enjoy the food and ice cream. Music will also be playing to add to the atmosphere.
There are already plans in the works for a hot-rod night for car enthusiasts and a Harley Davidson night for motorcyclists, among other themed nights.
Illig said future plans include adding a drive-in and maybe even a miniature golf course to the Family Chill and Grill.
He also said to keep a watch out for advertisements of the grand opening and of specials in The Daily Herald sometime in July to announce the start of the new business.