Business Route 220 designated as Bald Eagle Valley Road

After much discussion at a special meeting held last night, it was decided by the Snyder Township Supervisors that Business Route 220 would be renamed Bald Eagle Valley Road.
The reason for the name change is to meet 911 emergency management specifications, which require the change so that there is less confusion while emergency personnel are responding to calls.
In the future, residents who live along the road will be receiving a four digit house number along with a street name, which is a change from the Rural Route 3 address.
Snyder Township received a letter from emergency services which stated that the information of the road name changes needed to be completed and sent to emergency management by July 15.
Business Route 220, which extends from the Westvaco Bridge to the Centre County line, will now appear as Bald Eagle Valley Road on addresses.
Centre County has already changed the name of the road that runs through Port Matilda to Eagle Valley Road.
Before the decision to change the name, the public discussed other options such as Golden Eagle Road, Golden Eagle Valley Road and South Eagle Valley Road before supervisors voted on the name change.
Other road name changes were decided upon to meet 911 requirements. The road from what is considered the Triangle up Route 350 is now called Tyrone Pike. This changes about a mile and a quarter of the road that was previously called Philipsburg Pike.
The road that extends from the Tyrone Borough line to the Antis Township line is now called Washington Avenue Extension.
Also at the meeting the supervisors and public discussed a draft of the Mercantile License Ordinance for Snyder Township.
It would require a business to apply for a mercantile license before moving into Snyder Township and pay a $10 fee for a license of two years. It would give a 45 day notice to the supervisors of the new business that would be coming into the township.
The discussion of the Mercantile License Ordinance was tabled because of some dispute from the residents over the fine a business would have to pay for violating the ordinance, which would be in the amount of $300 – $600. Also, some residents said it was not what the people have been asking for all along.
A draft of the updated version of the Nuisance Ordinance was also discussed and will be talked about at the next regular meeting.
Some of the changes that were already submitted by the public for the proposed Nuisance Ordinance include: changing the draft from, “Creating or permitting loud or raucous noises or music which disturbs the peace between the hours of 11 p.m. and 7 a.m.,” to an earlier time of 10 p.m. to 7 a.m.
Also, “A louder raucous noise shall be on which can be heard a distance of 150 feet from the property line of the person creating or permitting the said noise,” to a shorter distance of 50 feet instead of 150 feet.