Audition Notice for the Promise

Auditions are scheduled for an original, one act drama to be presented in a non-traditional fashion in Altoona’s Historic Mishler Theater, Sunday and Monday, July 6 and 7.
The cast includes one woman, aged 19-30, and one man, aged 25-40. This play will be under the direction of Cindy Bennett and is written by John Anastasi. It will be performed on Friday, August 15 and Saturday, August 16.
Both roles are challenging and will require serious character work. The female is the victim of an abduction and performs part of the show bound and gagged. The man, the abductor, is a complex blend of idiosyncrasies, using the abduction as a vehicle for satisfying a promise made to his deceased father. The language and content of the play is adult.
The script is written by John Anastasi and the performance will be used, not only as a satisfying theatrical experience, but a tool for script improvement and re-write.
Auditions are scheduled in the rehearsal hall of Altoona Community Theater at 7 p.m. on both Sunday and Monday, July 6 and 7.
If anyone is interested in more information, or needs to make special arrangements, or would like a perusal script, contact Cindy Bennett at 684-1219, or at