Tyrone Police warns of prize winning scams

The Tyrone Police Department is investigating the following telephone solicitation scam. The victim receives a telephone call stating that he or she is the winner of a cash prize. The victim is advised not to tell anyone that they have won this prize. The victim is then informed that to claim the prize, they must have a certain amount of money.
The perpetrator claims this money is payable for the processing and taxing of the cash prize. The victim is then processing and taxing of the cash prize. The victim is then informed that the perpetrator will be at their residence the following day to award the victim the cash prize and to collect the processing fee. The victim then receives another call from the perpetrator stating that they will be unable to come to the residence and asks the victim to send the money via Western Union or some other means of electronic transfer. The perpetrator claims this will expedite the awarding of the cash prize and tht it will be mailed directly to them.
Of course no prize is awarded and the victim is defrauded of hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars.
Tyrone police would like to remind the public that anyone who offers a prize that requires a processing fee or bank account information should be considered suspicious. Report this activity to the police immediately.