Last chance to see Tyrone military pictures display this weekend

This Memorial Day weekend will be the last time residents of Tyrone can see the downtown display of military pictures housed at Columbia Ancillary Services, Inc. in full gear.
General Manager Tom Peacock said that Tuesday, May 27 anyone who has photographs in the window can either come down to the offices to pick them up or call Columbia Ancillary Services, Inc. at 1-800-475-4425 for more information of how to obtain the pictures.
The reason the display is being taken down is because the summer heat and sun exposure would cause fading and damage to the photographs if they were to stay in the windows for too much longer.
The pride of displaying the military pictures of those men and women serving in the military both past and present started back in February of this year before Operation Iraqi Freedom began and then continued up until this Memorial Day.
“There’s been a tremendous amount of people coming in and expressing their gratitude for doing it,” said Peacock.
There are countless photographs of local military veterans serving as far back as the Civil War and as current as Operation Iraqi Freedom. The patriotic display stretches over 42 feet of window space, and military personnel from Tyrone, Bellwood, Warriors Mark, Sinking Valley and other surrounding areas can be seen in the windows.
There is usually always someone walking by the window display who stops and looks at it for awhile. Peacock said he has seen many people drive by in their cars and then turn around and come back to stop and look at the pictures.
For anyone who hasn’t seen the display, this Memorial Day weekend is the perfect time to walk or drive by the windows to pay their respects to those men and women who served or who are currently serving to keep America free. Starting on Tuesday, the window display will be a part of Tyrone history.