First annual Mother-Daughter Day at Tyrone Hospital May 17

Last night at the borough council meeting, Mayor Pat Stoner declared it “National Women’s Health Week” in Tyrone.
“The mayor is going to declare National Women’s Health Week in Tyrone which correlates what’s going on nationwide right now,” said nurse practitioner at Dr. Thomas O’Brien’s office, Denise Kay.
The special week is geared at providing education for women’s health and to aide in more healthy lifestyles. Culminating National Women’s Health Week in Tyrone is the first annual mother-daughter day to be held at the Tyrone Hospital on Saturday for women of all ages.
“The mayor is going to do our welcome,” said Kay of the special events planned for Saturday. “Charlotte Ames is going to be one of our highlighted speakers.”
In addition to speakers that will provide health information, area businesses will be at the event to provide food and entertainment.
“We’re involving community businesses along with giving out health information that day, and that’s what we’re trying to create is kind of a fun day,” said Kay. “We’re trying to highlight women during this National Women’s Health Week and provide education. Also, involve some social activity and fun while involving businesses.”
Kay said the goal of the program is that mothers should bring their daughters, but the event of Saturday is open to any interested mother, daughter, sister or friend. Appropriate ages are for 13 and up.
The first annual mother-daughter day is scheduled for this Saturday, May 17 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Tyrone Hospital. Call to register for the free program at 684-3639 or 1-888-437-4329.
The event, which is sponsored by the Women’s Health Center of Tyrone, Dr. O’Brien and Kay, will feature many speakers and special activities to provide all in attendance with information and fun.
The featured speakers include: Mayor Stoner, Charlotte Ames from WTAJ-TV, Janice Stoubnour from Penn State Cooperative Extension who will discuss mother-daughter communication issues, and Candy Beers who will discuss eating disorders.
Special activities include: morning yoga stretch with instructor Maho, a fashion show with fashions from Patrice’s Boutique, refreshments from Joybeans, and a luncheon from the Middle of the Road.
“Our office, the hospital and Dr. O’Brien is trying to start quarterly women’s health education programs,” added office manager Robin Garman. “One of the things I’ve always stressed is women taking care of their children, their family and sometimes their parents, just women taking care of themselves and what their goals would be.”
According to Garman, she sees more educational days being planned for women in the future by Dr. O’Brien’s office. The point of the sessions will be to provide information and fun for all women so that they can be healthy and successful in both their personal and professional lives.
“Anyone that’s come to the programs, I think has enjoyed it. The main goal was to educate them on whatever the topic of the month was. But this is actually going to be a fun time,” said Garman of the future of the programs, and especially the events planned for this Saturday.
The next educational session provided by Dr. O’Brien’s office is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, June 24, titled, “Vaginal health: What’s up, down there?”