Fine work by Tyrone police nabs criminals and confessions

An off-duty Tyrone police officer responded to a state police description of a car last Friday, spotting the car in Tyrone borough and then calling two on-duty officers who apprehended the vehicle on Adams Avenue.
Officers Barlick, Mayes and Barr worked together to stop a vehicle driven by Michael Hamilton of Altoona.
According to Centre County based State Police, Hamilton, Brian Walk of Tyrone and three other female passengers were on a retail theft spree that started at two Wal-mart locations in State College and continued enroute to Tyrone, making a stop at the Snappy’s convenience store on State Route 220 at Bald Eagle. A police report indicated that Hamilton exited the car and went into the convenience store and demanded money from the clerk on duty. The report went on to say that Hamilton put his hand under his shirt, appearing to the clerk that he had a weapon. Hamilton then fled the scene with an undetermined amount of money.
A Snappy’s employee followed Hamilton to the vehicle and got both a description and registration information. The description was broadcast to area police, was received and then verified by visual contact by off-duty Tyrone officer Barlick as the car made its way into Tyrone.
On-duty officers Mayes and Barr then stopped the vehicle moments later. Money and electronic equipment were recovered from the car. Both Hamilton and Walk were arraigned by District Justice Fred Miller. Walk’s bail was set at $20,000 straight cash and charged with conspiracy to commit robbery and theft. Hamilton’s bail was set at $25,000 on charges of robbery and theft. Both were placed in the Blair County prison with a preliminary hearing that was set for 9 a.m. this morning.
Tyrone police then interviewed the three other female passengers, two of which are Tyrone residents, and received confessions from two of the women concerning other Tyrone-based crimes, including the theft of guns. The women also confessed to other crimes in other jurisdictions according to Tyrone Borough Police Chief Joe Beachem.
During an interview with The Daily Herald this morning Beachem commended his officers, and said, “They did a heck of a job, from seeing the vehicle, to making the stop, coordinating with State Police, and then conducting the interviews. It was just a good job all the way around.”
Beachem said that his department had suspicions of the parties involved in the confessed crimes, but were having a tough time locating the suspects to talk to.
As of deadline this morning the names of the three women passengers had not been released. Chief Beachem did indicate that three of the women were current Tyrone residents. District Justice Miller was unavailable for comment due to a heavy schedule of preliminary hearings this morning.