Challengers for Snyder Township Supervisor face public

Editor’s Note: The first Meet the Candidates night took place Wednesday at the Tyrone Elementary School Large Group Instruction Room. In today’s Daily Herald, we focus on the candidates for Snyder Township Supervisor race. Incumbent Ray Rodgers didn’t attend the session.
The complete Meet the Candidates forum will air this morning at 11 a.m. on WTRN 1340 AM.

Three of the four candidates for Snyder Township Supervisor attended Wednesday’s Meet the Candidates Night at the Tyrone Elementary School Large Group Instruction Room. This is a candidate by candidate synopsis of what they had to say.
Charles Diehl
“I think most of you know me. I have been a resident of Snyder Township all my life. I served as a supervisor for eight years. I am not going to say I this and I that. My record speaks for itself. I owned a business in this township and I wanted to give back to this community that has been so good to me. I am seeking election and I hope the people support me. Somebody asked me why I wanted to get back into the township government? I would like to help the people in the future. We are in the 21st Century. We’re going to have a lot of development in Snyder Township. The people are going to have to get involved. I want to help them see the right way. If we don’t address the issue of land control management, I would hate to think what is going to happen.”
• What can the township do for recreation for residents — “We are looking at trying to purchase some land. Negotiations are in progress now to secure a home for the Bald Eagle Baseball fields. My vision for the township is a complete park to go with the ball fields in the future.”
• Fire Protection agreement with Tyrone Borough — “I think that there has to be better inter-governmental cooperation between Tyrone Borough and Snyder Township both ways. There is enough fire protection for Snyder and Tyrone Borough. There is three volunteer fire companies in the borough. I am sure that there are a lot of volunteers who live in Snyder Township who are serving with the Tyrone companies. We’re at the mercy of Tyrone Borough right now. They told us what we would pay, and that is what we had to pay or we would get no back-up fire protection. With the growing community of Northern Blair, there is going to have to be something better than what we have got now. With Snyder Township surrounding Tyrone Borough, Bald Eagle Fire Company, they couldn’t get there in time for Grazierville. If we had a fire company in Grazierville, Tyrone would have to back us up.”
Joy Bickle
“I am a Democrat from Northwood where I have lived with my husband of 35 years. First of all, I don’t think as a Snyder Township Supervisor. I don’t think of it as a political position; I think of it as a service and a time of giving back to a community that has welcomed us, and it has asked for nothing back with one exception… paying taxes. Mr. Harlow was so kind in our interview to use the word novice because that is what I am… a beginner. My understanding of the duties of a supervisor are limited at this time. That means that I could make mistakes. That brings fear into the picture. Whenever fear is present, you can do two things. You can change or stand still. Stepping out brings change, but fear immobilizes a person or a township.
“I am not a novice of change. Along with many of you, I have come from the outhouse to flushing toilets. From a manual typewriter to computers and from being a daughter to a grandmother. I never plan to stop learning, so if elected to this office, I can assure you that I would study to acquaint myself as quickly as possible to fulfill the duties of a supervisor.
“Land use and management of Snyder Township has changed dramatically in just the last few years. Change cannot be avoided. It does not stop and wait for us. It will run ahead and leave us in its dust if we allow it. I can tell you that I can’t promise that it would be any different if I’m behind the decision making table, but your concerns and my point of view would be moved on. I learned a long time ago that if you are not part of the answer, you are part of the problem. I believe the Snyder Township Supervisors and the people can work together to attain success in solving their differences and the problems in our growing township.”
• Is zoning Snyder Township’s priority one — “Priority one, that I can’t honestly answer, but I know that I have heard a lot of folks say that they wanted to see some zoning. I have also heard that they are afraid to have zoning. This is an issue that needs looked into by the township supervisors.”
• What can the township do to help development come to Snyder Township and also manage the development — “I believe the KOEZ zones are a very important part. In the short term, it is not good for our tax base, but in the end it is what we need. I believe that zoning will have to take place to manage the development. It is going to have to be something that is equitable to not just our township, but to the whole community as well. I believe that we need to have zoning in place prior to any other major development in the area.”
Bernie Sherwin
“I am probably the only alien being running for office here. I came from Philadelphia, Delaware County and have been here 25-30 years. At times I get involved in what is going on in the township and surrounding areas. Again we had some incidents that I got involved with in the last year that I thought I could make a difference for. With the new highway coming through, with the sewage being put in, Snyder Township is the expandable expansion that Mr. Fink (Tyrone Borough Council Candidate Bill Fink) was talking about. Snyder Township could probably get away with working alone, bit we are an entire community. Schools, school board, what have you… everyone needs to work together. We’re going to face in Snyder Township that we are going to have to have zoning. Zoning is for all the people. Ordinances are aimed at certain people, groups, associations, what have you. They are not the way to solve the problem. Work together, zoning and grandfather what is in the township now and going ahead with land development in the proper way with public input. If by chance I am elected to be a supervisor in Snyder Township, everything would be open and above board, straight out so the community would be notified on anything that is going on and let them have the input. It is their community and that is the way it should be.”
• Most pressing issue other than zoning — “Develop a repoire with all the citizens, not just the squeaky wheel getting the oil, not just writing different ordinances that benefit certain people then they have an effect on the entire community. You have to put in some sort of longer range programming for putting in some decent roads. That way we are not spending all our time grading, tarring and chipping them.”
• Relationship between Tyrone Borough and Snyder Township, can or should it be improved — “It should be improved. Whether it can or can’t depends on the collective ideas of the leaders in each area. If it could be worked out where it is a fair deal for each, and the citizens of each area, then it should be looked at and dealt with in the proper way in cooperation. Not looked at as if someone stealing turf. We are all citizens in a total community, and that is the way we should look at it. We should all be working together.”
The complete Meet the Candidates forum will air at 11 a.m. this morning on WTRN.