Challenger Ray Detwiler earns spot on both November ballots

The lone challenger for a seat on the Tyrone School Board has earned a spot on both the Republican and Democratic ballot in the November election.
Ray Detwiler placed in a tie for fourth in among Democratic voters in the Tyrone Area School District and fourth with Republican voters.
With Detwiler securing a place on both ballots, that will leave board president Lee Stover off of the Democratic ballot in November and Becky Emenhiser off of the Republican ballot.
Rev. Norman Huff received the most votes from both the Democrats and Republicans. Huff led the Republican voting with 1,140 with Pete Dutrow second at 1,110. Luther Laird was third with 914, Detwiler fourth with 884, Stover fifth with 871 and Emenhiser sixth with 796.
The Democrats voted Huff first with 435, Dutrow second with 396, followed by Emenhiser’s 337, Laird and Detwiler each garnered 316 votes and Stover was sixth with 303.
“I’m pleased with the results,” said Dutrow. “I wanted to let the people vote on my record and I am happy with how it turned out. There have been some decisions that I have made that may have upset some people and cost me some votes, but I felt that I voted in the best interest of the educational interests of the children. I was happy with the support I received.”
Detwiler learned he won a spot on both fall ballots during an interview with The Daily Herald.
“I am thrilled,” said Detwiler, when learning he had finished in the top five on both tickets. “I feel the people are listening and want someone on the school board who would represent them. I didn’t think the turnout was there. I don’t remember many times in which someone received over 1,000 votes in the primary. It shows that the people want a change.
“I hope people take my campaign seriously,” Detwiler added. “The people are speaking out and I hope that we can make the changes that are necessary. I am thrilled with the opportunity to run in November and I am confident that I will win a seat on the board in November.”
Emenhiser, who secured a place on only the Democratic ballot for the November election, is confident in her chances to win re-election.
“I didn’t do much campaigning for the primary,” said Emenhiser. “I will have to get out this summer and put more work in to get ready for November.”