CPHA Touts National Pet Week

The Central Pennsylvania Humane Society is joining other animal agencies throughout the nation in observing “National Pet Week & Be Kind to Animals Week” May 4 through May 10.
“Every week should be ‘Be Kind to Animals Week’,” said Ingrid Bilotto, CPHS director of operations. “Pets need attention and love just as humans do.”
CPHS is home to about 100 animals per day that are abandoned or surrendered by their owners. The agency attempts to find new, loving homes for every animal cared for at the facility in Greenwood.
Pet owners and animal lovers are encouraged to take the time to learn some of the following ways to be kind to animals:
• Spay or neuter your pets. They will be healthier and the process will contribute to controlling the pet overpopulation problem.
• When adopting a pet, look first at local animal shelters. Many of the pets there are housebroken and/or spayed/neutered already.
• Spend “quality time” with your pet daily. They need it…and you do too!
• Make sure all your pets have ID tags regardless of whether they are “outside animals” or not. In the event of an emergency, if pets make run from the home. ID tags can help assure their safe return.
• Keep pets away from household toxic items such as cleansers, paint, automotive products, and other potentially harmful/deadly foods such as chocolate.
• Take your pet to a Veterinarian for regular check-ups. The average amount you need to spend on your pet’s health per year is about $200. Plan for it.
• Use non-choking collars on both dogs and cats. They’ll be more comfortable and safer.
• Never hit, choke or spank a pet! Think how you feel when someone does that to you!
• Groom your pet often. A clean pet is a happy pet!
• Always report animal abuse to the authorities. Animals can’t do it….you must!
For more tips on proper pet care, how to have fun with your pet and more, contact or stop by the Central Pennsylvania Humane Society located at 1837 E. Pleasant Valley Blvd. in Altoona. Phone: 942-5402 or go online: