Antis clean-up scheduled for May 17

Antis Township and Bellwood Borough residents who have those “hard-to-dispose” items lying around have some salvation coming May 17.
From 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., the township will be sponsoring a clean-up day to help residents of the communities make their little corner of the world the nicest it can possibly be. Haulers will be on-hand in the township building parking lot to rid the community of the “junk.”
The following types of items will be accepted free of charge: furniture; lawnmowers; bicycles; lawn furniture; old tools; bedding, including mattresses, box springs, etc.; porcelain, including toilets, sinks, bathtubs, etc.; toys; large metal items; doors; windows; spouting; car, truck and motorcycle batteries; newspapers, catalogues, magazines, telephone books, junk mail and cardboard.
The following items will not be accepted: household trash; hazardous wastes, including solvents, pesticides, gasoline, kerosene, motor oil, etc.; yard waste; paint in liquid form (empty paint cans and cans with dried paint are acceptable; and construction debris from large contracted jobs.
Fees cover the costs of proper recycling and removal of hazardous materials, such as freon, cadmium, radium and lead and the labor involved for removal.
The Appliance outlet will be collecting large and small freon-containing units. Disposal of refrigerators and freezers will cost residents $10 for each item, and air conditioners and dehumidifiers will also cost $10 each. The charge applies even if freon has to be removed due to paperwork that is required with government agencies and to prevent venting of freon prior to drop-off.
Other costs include: ranges, washers, dryers, dishwashers, hot water tanks and microwave ovens, $5; BBQ grill, $3; and propane tanks (gas grill variety), $7.
Tires will also be disposed of. All tires must be clean or they will be refused.
Cost for off-rim tires for cars, light trucks and motorcycles is $2 each. On the rim tires will cost $3 each. Tractor trailer tires will be disposed of for $6 each, unless they are on the rim. In these cases, a $12 fee is charged.
Only off-rim super singles (double tractor trailer tires) will be accepted and disposal is $10 each. Farm tractor tires will be disposed of for $3 per ply.
Reclamere will also be disposing of electronics: console TVs and stereos, $20; VCRs/CD players/radios, $10; computer monitors, $10; printers/copiers/fax machines, $10; keyboards and mouse units, $1.
Reclamere will also dispose of personal computer units for $5. For an additional $10, Reclamere will wipe the computer hard drive to Department of Defense standards and issue to the resident a Certificate of Destruction.
Supervisors said remodeling/construction business waste will not be accepted nor will tire business’ old tires be accepted. Supervisors said this clean-up day is for the residents only.
Cash will only be accepted. No checks.
The event is being sponsored by PA Cleanways of Blair County and is financially underwritten by Bellwood Borough, Antis Township and the Bellwood-Antis Community Trust. Support has also come from the Professional Recyclers of PA (PROP) and the Bellwood-Antis Public Library. For more information, call 946-0484.