Volunteers needed at Bellwood-Antis Park

How can the Bellwood-Antis Park Authority install new playground equipment at the park and save money at the same time?
With your help of course.
The authority is asking members of the community to involve themselves and help with a “community build” project, the current trend among small communities.
The project is scheduled for May 8, 9 and 10. The first two days of the project will be for assembling and the last day will be for the installation and landscaping.
Those wishing to participate are asked to contact the Bellwood-Antis Township office at 742-9015 or the Bellwood Borough offices at 742-8591 and leave your name, phone number and the day or days you are available for work.
“We’re hoping we have 40 or 50 people out there helping,” said Ray Amato, supervisor of Antis Township and president of the BAPA.
According to Amato, the authority will save more than $5,000 in assembling and installation costs with a “community build” project. He also said it makes community relations better.
“Not only does this approach save tremendous labor costs that can be better applied to purchasing additional equipment, but, most importantly, it allows for the community to come together in a spirit of camaraderie by working together in a positive mode, something for which the Tyrone area is legend,” said Amato. “Knowing how important this project is to the families who have young children, we are confident that many of you will want to help.”
Those interested are asked to bring, if available, a 3/8-inch ratchet and 9/16-inch socket. The authority said workers should also have gloves, boots or heavy shoes, warm clothing and rainwear.
Work on May 8 and 9 will begin at 6 p.m., and work on Saturday, May 10, will begin at 8 a.m.
In an attempt to ensure better safety within the park, members of the park authority secured a $27,000 grant last year through the state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources’ Park and Recreation Program to purchase and install better playground equipment at the park.
“When the inspectors came in and took a look at our equipment, they found that about 99 percent of it was unsafe for children,” said Amato. “So we got in touch with Bellwood Borough and came up with a plan to get better equipment.”
The park, which will encompass a little more than 5,500-square-feet, will contain a large piece of playground equipment that will contain multiple sliding boards, climbing apparatus, chinning bars and other surprises.
This equipment will rest on hardwood chips, tested and proven to lessen risk of injury in case of a fall.
There are two parking spaces reserved close to the gated entrance for people with limited physical abilities, and a 5-foot wide asphalt path runs the length of the new equipment area.
Also, resting near the large pavilions, will be a six-seat swing set. Amato said the Bellwood-Antis Lions’ Club donated the set.
“We have to give them a lot of thanks for what they did,” said Amato. “They’re a good group of people who care about this community.”
Possibly, and if funding allows, the group also plans to enclose the area with fencing.
“We want all the children who use the park to be safe,” said Amato. “That’s the primary reason we’re doing this anyway.”