Tyrone High School student housing project completed

The Tyrone Area School District and Reliance Bank created a partnership to build a house on 7 Chester Road in Tyrone along Hoover’s Lane which is now complete.
A ceremony was held yesterday in the school library to recognize participants and supporters of the project. Plaques were given to the following individuals: Reliance Bank for financing the project at no cost; The Renovators of Tyrone for providing guidance and information; Sales One for donating the heating, ventilation and air conditioning; Boyer Refrigeration for installing the cooling systems free of charge; Juniata Fabricators for donating the I-beam supports; Wertz Landscaping for donating the shrubbery and Burgmeier’s Hauling and the Floor Guyzz.
Past student housing projects stem as far back as the 1960’s when two homes were constructed on Clay Avenue, and four homes were completed in the 1970’s in a development named Oak Hill Lane. After a 10 year break, vocational coordinator Peter Gardella took the initiative to bring back the program for Tyrone’s vocational students.
Students involved in carpentry, drafting and engineering, agriculture, electronics and other technical fields were able to gain hands-on experience through working on the housing project. The graduating class of 2000-01 started work on the house project at 7 Chester Road, and the graduating class of 2002-03 finished it this school year.
“Technical education programs provide many opportunities for hands-on projects,” said carpentry teacher Dan Plummer. “These projects are beneficial because they provide students real work skills and real experiences. Over the past couple of years this house project provided those skills and experiences for those students.”
The students worked many long hours to complete the house project, and some of the features of the finished project include: gas forced air heat, central air conditioning, complete landscaping, unfinished basement, wood deck, two car garage and ample electric outlets just to name a few.
“This house project was a success and a good experience for all those students involved,” said Plummer.
Reliance Bank has partnered with the school district to make this housing project a success. The bank purchased the land and paid for the materials and subcontractors. The house has been sold, and Reliance Bank is scheduled to present a $16,000 check that is the difference between the cost and the selling price of the house. This money will go to scholarships for students in the career and technical programs.
The school district and Reliance Bank announced that a second house project will simultaneously begin at a site in the same development located at 2 West Christy Lane. Anticipated date of completion will be 2005.