Supervisors of Tyrone Township file lawsuit against land developer

In a battle for the construction of a road that seems never ending,Tyrone Township supervisors Raymond Paul, Donna Kerlin and John Burket decided to file a lawsuit against land developer Dale Furry.
The dispute is over the yet to be developed Hobbit Hollow Road that township supervisors and many residents believe Furry should be responsible for constructing. Over the years, Furry has sold residential lots for home building. The problem is there is only a dirty, muddy road that travels back to all of the lots. A resident at the meeting said he usually has to use four-wheel drive just to make it home because the road is such a mess.
Attorney Larry Clapper said he wished the township could settle this matter outside of court. However, too much time has gone past, and the people living in the land development deserve a finished road.
“We filed suit against Dale Furry. Now this suit is in litigation,” said Clapper.
He would not discuss the matter further, except to say that the township will be demanding $250,000 from Furry for the construction of the road and that Furry’s attorney is Rusty Gates.
The decision was announced after engineer Joe Keller spoke on behalf of Furry. Keller started working for Furry months ago to find out if the road could be made at a suitable cost so that Furry and the township could both agree. The approximate cost of the project could be anywhere from $61,000 to $110,000.
Keller reported that bidding between Verizon and Penelec were continuing. There was also a discrepancy in the plans for the road where one plan read 33 feet and another 50 feet for a right of way, so Furry was not comfortable with going ahead with the plans.
“We’re not a whole lot further than we were last month,” said Keller.
After Keller spoke, the supervisors announced the filing of the lawsuit. The board is still open to working out an agreement with Furry, but it seems the time for negotiation is in the past. The court battle will be lengthy, but in the end, it will benefit the residents who need the construction of Hobbit Hollow Road.
Several issues still need to be addressed in the improvements and construction of the road including: relocation of the poles, drainage, grating and bringing the road up to specifications of the new plan.
Other business discussed at the meeting included:
• motion to accept an ordinance permit for sewage disposal systems;
• beginning investigation to widen Nursery Road from 14 to 16 feet;
• discussion of a subdivision ordinance that will continue at the next meeting.