Shuster announces funding for 17th Street project

Yesterday Congressman Bill Shuster announced $1 million in funding for the 17th Street extension project in Altoona.
The funding is in addition to the previously announced $1.44 million that was generated from cost savings from road projects, bringing the total to $2.44 million.
The purpose of the extension project is to connect 17th Street to Park Avenue in Lakemont and will offer a road to the yet-to-be built Logan Town Centre shopping complex. The proposed four-to-five lane highway will also offer a different route for traffic from Route 36 that currently travels on Union Avenue.
“This should give people an alternative route, should make things a lot safer, and the announcement was great news that Congressmen Shuster was able to bring some funds to PENNDOT for this project,” said Greg Morris, Logan Town Center developer. “The funding that Congressman Shuster announced yesterday is really going to benefit the whole community.”
Morris said the design for the extension project should be completed by May and bidding for construction of the project will then take place. If all goes well, road work could begin as soon as this year.
“I am pleased to play a small part in helping this project move forward,” said Shuster. “As Blair County grows, it is important that we maintain the high quality of roads we have in our area to ensure that we take advantage of economic growth. The completion of this project is important to this region and our economic growth.”
Logan Town Centre received a permit from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection on Friday and is waiting for a permit from the Army Corps of Engineers to proceed with the project.
The $100 million project is planned for the site adjacent to the 17th Street exit of Interstate 99 and will provide 4,000 jobs when it is completed next year.
The project will also bring 2,000 construction jobs over the next year to build the Centre.
It is estimated that the 4,000 jobs will generate $100 million annually to the local economy.