Northwood resident Joy Bickle running for Snyder Supervisor

Joy Bickle, a resident of Northwood, is the lone Democratic candidate for Snyder Township Supervisor in the May primary.
A novice to the world of politics, Bickle believes that she can offer something to the township.
“I would like to give back to the community,” said Bickle when asked why she wants to be a township supervisor. “A lot of people have things to say and I am willing to listen. By listening, I believe that I can be a good representative of the people of Snyder Township.”
Bickle believes that zoning is a priority that is necessary for Snyder Township.
“We have a need for zoning,” said Bickle. “Any community needs zoning. A lot of people say that you can’t enforce zoning, but I believe that there should be restrictions on what businesses can or can’t go in. As a township, we need to be able to govern where companies are located.”
Bickle believes that listening is the key to being a good elected representative.
“There is a lot of talk about putting ordinances into effect, but there isn’t a lot of action,” said Bickle. “What I hear from the people of Snyder Township is that nobody listens to their concerns. I want to bring civility between the government and the people it represents. I want to try to get the people to be part of the solution.”
When asked about Keystone Opportunity Zones for Snyder Township, Bickle said she is in favor of them.
“I believe that KOZs are a good thing for the reason of bringing jobs to the community,” said Bickle. “You will take a short term loss in taxes to the business, but you receive a long term gain. You keep people in your community by finding them a place to work.”
Bickle will use her experience working in a church and bring it to the government.
“I have worked with people all my life,” said Bickle. “I believe the biggest issue is how you deal with people. There are times that you can say the right thing and it gets taken the wrong way. I will do my best to make sure the people of the township are taken care of and get the answers to their questions.”
Though a novice in politics, Bickle plans to work hard if elected.
“I am willing to put in the time to gain the knowledge of the ordinances and state regulations,” said Bickle. “I will learn as much as I can in a short amount of time to be a representative of the people of Snyder Township.”
Bickle will be on the Democratic ballot for Snyder Township Supervisor in the primary election on May 20.