Maundy Thursday service scheduled at First Presbyterian Church of Tyrone

Maundy Thursday is a time when Christians remember the night that Jesus was betrayed by his disciple Judas and handed over to the Roman authorities.
In remembrance of this event, the First Presbyterian Church of Tyrone has scheduled a Maundy Thursday worship service titled “The Man Who Couldn’t Stop Washing His Hands” at 7:30 p.m. on April 17. The public is invited to attend this evening of worship.
Planning for the service was decided at church committee meetings at the First Presbyterian Church. Pastor Bob Dunkelberger worked on organizing the service, while organist Richard Merryman arranged the musical accompaniment.
This service is a tradition at the First Presbyterian Church, and over the years, different themes have been the focus of the sermon.
“This year the theme is the prophecies of Christ on the Cross,” said Dunkelberger. “Maundy Thursday deals with arrest and betrayal, which then leads to crucifixion and death.”
Also on Maundy Thursday, there will be the service of Tenebrae to conclude the remembrance of The Last Supper. The theme for Tenebrae 2003 will focus on Six Prophecies About Jesus Foretold and Fulfilled.
According to Pastor Dunkelberger, the service of Tenebrae or Shadows originated in the Christian Church during the Middle Ages. It included the practices of shrouding the cross in black, performing Bible readings, singing congregational chants or hymn responses and finally extinguishing candles and lights.
The extinguished lights symbolize the growing darkness of Christ’s death, as well as the despair of a world without God. The one candle that remains lighted symbolizes Christ.