Humanity can touch humanity with Wall of Hope starting May 1

A Wall of Hope is scheduled to be constructed outside the first level of J.C. Penney’s at the Logan Valley Mall on May 1, starting at 10:30 a.m.
Members of the CARE Team of the American Red Cross Blair County Chapter, the New Day organization and Safe Harbor thought of the idea for the Wall of Hope a couple of weeks ago.
“The goal of The Wall is humanity can touch humanity,” said Doc Dawson, director of New Day and Safe Harbor.
Dedicated to veterans of war and servicemen and servicewomen serving all around the world and in honor of loved ones and family members of military personnel, The Wall of Hope is a place for citizens to show support and hope for world peace.
Adorned with blue ribbons symbolizing humanity, the wall represents the desire to protect life and health and to ensure respect for all human beings, promoting peace among all people.
“It’s going to be four main sheets of plywood. They’re going to be set up tent-style, and people can make their expressions on that wall either by writing or leaving things on the wall,” said Dawson of the proposed appearance of The Wall of Hope.
ARC volunteers will be available during mall business hours to assist people who wish to leave a message of hope at The Wall while it is on display. Dawson said there is no set time limit for The Wall to be displayed in the mall, and future plans for The Wall include showings at select special events in Blair County before it is placed at a permanent site.
“We encourage all visitors to the Logan Valley Mall to visit The Wall of Hope and show their support for our military personnel and their families,” said Dawson.
Dawson also said if any clergy or church leaders are interested in joining the CARE Team of the ARC, they are to contact him at 949-9210. The CARE Team is a group of first responders who give spiritual advice and support to family and individuals in time of crisis and need.
On an ongoing basis in times of war and peace, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, the ARC supports members of the military by delivering emergency messages to and from military personnel and their families, providing access to emergency financial assistance and offering confidential counseling, veterans services and information and referral services. For more information on volunteer opportunities with the ARC, contact 944-6146.