Epworth Manor holds Volunteer Appeciation celebration

Epworth Manor showed their continued dedication to the men and women who volunteer to make the operation run smoothly throughout the year at a recognition celebration held Saturday.
Volunteers recognized include: Bonnie Adams, Darlene and Ron Ackers, Lina and Robert Albright, Mary Anders, Danielle Anders, Ronald Ayers Sr., Shirley Bailey, Drew Baker, Johnny Bartlett, Stephanie Barndt, Russell Beck, Shawn Beckwith, Rev. Michael and Linda Bequeath, Gretchen Bishop and the Bald Eagle United Methodist Youth Group.
Also, Todd Cammarata, Joanne Cannistraci, Ashley Carper, Madeline Carper, Stephanie Catich, Chris Chamberlain, Josh Clancy, Ann and Ray Clark, Christopher Closson, Betty Conrad, Ashley Conterras, Connie Cook, Joyce Cordes, Shirely Corrado, Jack Cowher, Karrie Crabtree and Darlene and Lynn Cupp.
Also, Dorothy Davis, Vicki Davis, Ashley Dean, John Dearing, Donna Deichert, Rebekah Detwiller, Eric DiMemmo, Michaella Doliana, Michelle Douglas, Cindy Dixon, Glenn and Martha DuBree, Edward Dysart, Viola Dysart, Ruth Elder, Catrina Ellenburg and Betty Evans.
Also, Louise Ferner, Jane Fink, Emily Fitzgerald, Lou Flaugh, Valerie Fleck, Kelly Florentine, Margaret Forrest, Beth Foster, Kristy Freeman, Bernice Gorman, Megan Garland, Christa Garthwaite, Louise Gensimore, Rachel Gensimore, Kim Germino, Judy Getz, Elizabeth Gill, Kylie Grassmyer, Christal Grazier, Joanne Grimm, Marjorie and Ben Groce and Grazierville United Methodist Youth Group.
Also, Dorothy Hanna, Heather Harpster, Deb Hoover, Marilyn Hosko, Jeanne Hostler, Pat Houser, Alice Hubert, Rev. Norman and Anna Mae Huff, Barrie Hughes, Christine Illig, Dorothy Irvin, Jane Johnson, Robert Keatley, Marylou Keith, Tracy Keith, Jessica Keller, Connie Kensinger, Marena Klesius, Andrew Kolbuka and Thelma Kruis.
Also, Jennifer Lajoie, Francesca Lambert, Kevin Latchford, Joanne Latchford, Boe Latchford, Michelle Lauder, Faye Lehner, Alysia Lewis, Dr. Kathryn Lewis, Gladys Lewis, Karen Loncher, Andrea Magill, David Markel, Teri Mengel, Chuck Mengel, Deann Mengel, Alicia Merryman, Donica Miller, Emma Miller, Eddie Moyer, Darlene Myers, Kory Myron, Angee and Elena Myers, Samantha McAllister and Lori McCloskey.
Also, Velda McCoy, Kelsye McManigal, Jane McKeehen, Paige McManigal, Ashley McNelis, Amanda McQuown, Quentin McQuown, Lindsey McWilliams, Ashley Noll, Donna O’Brien, Eleanor and Paul O’Brien, Susan O’Brien, Donna Pearce, Louise Pearson and Mabel Powell.
Also, Carley Reese, Rob Rich, Bess Richards, Vicki Rickard, Catherine Rizzo, Michael Romano, Dustin and Skyler Rudasill, Rev. Robert and Jean Rupp, Elizabeth Schaul, Florence Seiner, Ann Sharrar, Jenna Simondale, Robert Skelton, James Smith, Kimberly Smith, Robert Smith, Valerie Smith, Sandra Sneath, Faye Snyder, Misty Snyder, Linda Stamm, Faye Steele, Denise Stoneberg, Martha Stouffer, Sean Stringer and Phyllis Sweitzer.
Also, Tipton/Trinity United Methodist Church Youth Fellowship, Janet Tonkay, Michael Treese, Christie Vargo, Phyllis Walker, Ryan Wallace, Ashley Wertz, Brittany Wilson, Micaiah Wilson, Kristy Wilson, Ardith Winter, Suzanne Winters and Katherine Woodring.