Epworth Manor Auxiliary cover routine business at annual meeting

On Saturday, the Epworth Manor Auxiliary held its thirty-second annual meeting and discussed routine business.
Musical entertainment was provided by Aye Tepsic, the opening prayer was said by Epworth Manor chaplain Joan Smith, tea and refreshments were served and a tour of the new facility was given to auxiliary members.
Auxiliary president Gloria Harris thanked members for their support over the past year. Karen Rumberger gave the secretary’s report; Ann Clark gave the treasurer’s report and proposed budget for 2003-04. Reverend Paul O’Brien gave the installation of new auxiliary officers, and Epworth Manor Executive Director Robin Stern also spoke at the meeting.
The new officers for the 2003-04 year include: president, Linda BeQueath; first vice president, Darla Jones; second vice president, Vicky Davis; secretary, Ann Sharer; assistant to the secretary, Darlene Myers; treasurer, Ann Clark; assistant to the treasurer, Darlene Cupp and historian, Edie Graves.
The Women’s Auxiliary has served for more than 30 years and raises money for activities and supplies at Epworth Manor. This year the main fundraiser will be for a soft ice cream machine.
“They’ve donated money for a soft ice cream machine, which is worth the price of a car,” said health care center activities director Pauline Stout. “They’ve set up a library in the personal care building, and they also paid for part of a lounge in the personal care building. For both buildings, they’ve paid for all kinds of outings and some special events.”
The women of the auxiliary decide every year how much money should go into the budget for supplies and activities for the residents of Epworth Manor. Then the women spend the rest of the year raising money to met that goal.
“We would not be able to afford these large ticket items that they provide,” said Stout of what life at the Manor would be like for residents without the help of the Women’s Auxiliary. “I would say our outings and special events would be cut in half.”
Besides activities, the Auxiliary helps to pay for items in nursing such as slings and bibs for the residents. Also, the Auxiliary offers welcome baskets to every new resident of Epworth Manor. It also supports the gift shop and the library, and the Auxiliary paid for the new chapel cross in the personal care building.
“They’ve had many special sales and fund raisers to provide these special gifts that are way beyond what we could do,” said Stout. “We certainly appreciate them. They are always helping and always available, and I don’t know what we would do without them.”