Diehl looking to return to Snyder board

Former Snyder Township Supervisor and Chairman of the Northern Blair Regional Sewer Authority Charles Diehl is battling for the Republican nomination for Snyder Township Supervisor.
Diehl, who served on the board of supervisors from 1994-2001, wants to bring common sense to government.
“If you go to a meeting, you will see while I am running,” said Diehl. “The big reason is I want to bring common sense to the township government. I don’t have a personal agenda, I want to volunteer my time and give back to a community that has been very good to me.”
One of the major issues that the township is facing in the future is what to do when Interstate 99 is completed.
“The township is working with the EADS Group on a comprehensive plan,” said Diehl. “We started that plan when I was on the board of supervisors and now Blair County is working on a county-wide plan. The use of land management is something the township has to take a long hard look at. I believe that I can help. The comprehensive plan addresses the future needs of the township. We need to look at zoning and land control management. There needs to be something in place when I-99 gets completed.”
Diehl also serves as the chairman of the Snyder Township Parks and Recreation Commission.
“We have some recreation issues that need addressed,” said Diehl. “We are working on getting land to replace the ballfields in Bald Eagle. My goal is to have a complete park with ballfields and tennis courts for the township. It is something we have never had.”
Keystone Opportunity Zones are a hot button topic as part of the economic development of Northern Blair County.
“I look at the KOZ on a case by case basis,” said Diehl. “We have to do something to create jobs. With jobs, our younger people don’t have to move away. You need jobs to support and maintain the tax base so you can provide the services the township needs. KOZs help the tax base in the long run. I believe that the people who have the decision making responsibility should grant KOEZ for the Westvaco property.”
Diehl sees a bright future for the township.
“I see good things happening,” said Diehl. “I-99 will be a big thing. We won’t have a bad highway and all the fatal accidents. I’d like to see Snyder Township stay as a rural community, but development is going to happen. That is why zoning needs to be in place so you have some sort of control of what comes in. I believe that most of the development will come along the I-99 Corridor and the township will benefit.”
In closing, Diehl made an appeal to the voters of the township.
“I hope more people get out and vote,” said Diehl. “Even if they don’t vote for me, I hope to see a large turnout. People have to get involved in their government. It is their government, not the elected officials. I will listen to the people. I can’t promise we can give them everything they want, but as elected officials, we should do our best to give them everything they need.”
Diehl will be on the Republican ballot in the May 20 primary.