DelGrosso to challenge for 9th Congressional District seat in 2004

Michael DelGrosso of Tipton has filed his paperwork with the Federal Elections Committee to establish a committee to run for the 9th Congressional District seat that is currently held by Bill Shuster.
“I believe with the experience that I have that there is a need for that at the federal level,” DelGrosso, who will be running as a Republican said in a phone interview this morning with The Daily Herald. “There is a need at the federal level for some leadership, new prospectives. I worked with the Department of Treasury as a consultant and consulting is about solving problems.”
DelGrosso, 33, a 1988 graduate of Bellwood-Antis High School and a 1994 graduate of the United States Naval Academy, is the son of Fred and Cathy DelGrosso.
DelGrosso was quick to note that his family name is not a key to victory.
“I think my last name might get people to listen to me,” said DelGrosso. “If people know the family, they know our values. It may get peoples attention. I have to show the people that I am a viable candidate. I have to show the voters what they see in me. My family’s companies couldn’t contribute to this campaign because under federal election laws it is not permitted. Growing up and working at the park taught me about how small businesses work.”
DelGrosso has a B.S. in economics from the Naval Academy, a MBA from the University of Michigan and has studied public policy at American University.
After his naval service, Michael began a successful business career in Michigan’s automotive industry where he started as a factory-floor supervisor. He received promotions to program manager, and then account manager where he was responsible for product sales to Ford Motor Company worth nearly $100 million per year. While working full time, he also attended MBA classes at the University of Michigan Business School.
After receiving his Masters of Business Administration, he worked as a corporate strategy consultant in Chicago, helping some of the largest companies in the United States and Europe with their most pressing business concerns. More recently, he worked in our nation’s capital where he consulted the Federal Government in an effort to improve efficiency and cut waste from federal agencies. While fighting to save tax dollars at work, he also took graduate courses at American University in Washington D.C., where he studied critical and complex issues in American policy making.
“One project we worked with the Internal Revenue Service was with the processing centers in Ohio and Utah,” said DelGrosso. “That project alone is saving the government $50 million annually.”
DelGrosso spoke with The Daily Herald about some of the major issues facing the 9th Congressional District.
On the economy
“This is the most pressing concern,” said DelGrosso. “You can’t have local prosperity without the national situation improving. We need to continue to build an environment to bring businesses to the area. I am not saying that we need to bring large businesses with thousands of jobs because if they close it can be devastating like Corning closing is in State College. We need to foster the business mindset. If we get a few dozen small businesses to employ 10-20 people it is a wonderful way to spur economic growth.”
On health care
“This is one of the most important issues facing our country,” said DelGrosso. “I plan to talk with small business owners and workers. Things are starting to progress on the national level with lawsuits being capped. We have to help make it so doctors can afford to stay in business. There is a need for a major overhaul in health care that should be based on market based reforms.”
On the military
“I think Secretary Rumsfeld understands what is needed for the military,” said DelGrosso. “We don’t fight wars like we used to. The people in uniform will always be the most important part of the military. We are in a new reality. We don’t need to be ready to fight a cold war battle. We need to be light and mobile. We need to use technology for the specific capabilities of the force.”
DelGrosso is expected to make a formal announcement of his candidacy in May for the 2004 election.