Commissioner candidates to abstain from negative campaigning

The five candidates for the office of Blair County Commissioner have signed a pledge to not turn the campaign negative.
The pledge states, “We, the following candidates for Blair County Commissioner, hereby publicly promise to campaign on our background, our experience, our positions on issues and our visions for a better Blair County.
“Our signatures below confirm our commitment to abstain from negative campaigning which can include personal attacks, falsehoods, half-truths, twisted information and other statements which are used to denigrate another candidate and contribute nothing to address the issues important to the people of Blair County. We believe that negative campaigns lead to the destruction of the public’s trust in their government and thereby damaging the political process of voting which is fundamental to America’s democracy.”
The pledge is signed by current commissioners John Ebersole, Donna Gority and John Eichelberger. Challengers Barry Wright and Joseph Claar also signed the pledge.
Commissioner John Eichelberger praised all the candidates for signing the pledge and their commitment to abstaining from negative attacks on one another.
“I have never engaged in a negative campaign and will not condone those tactics from anyone associated with my candidacy,” said Eichelberger. “From my 25 years of work in Republican politics, it is evident to me that negative campaigns and personal attacks do nothing to serve the interests of the voters. These campaigns damage the political process by avoiding the real issues. They confuse the voters through slick advertising geared toward the destruction of an opponent instead of presenting the positions and the ideas of the candidate for office.”
Republican challenger Barry Wright was happy to sign the pledge.
“I think with the way things are in the country, it is in the best interest to run a positive campaign,” said Wright. “Campaigning on facts and qualifications is what I am doing.”
The May primary election is set for May 20.