Birmingham Boro to construct community building

At a meeting held Monday, the Birmingham Borough council members voted to construct a building to be used for community purposes.
Member of the council Sam Winters presented a plan for a one story building, 22 feet wide by 24 feet long to be erected on borough ground on Furnace Street.
For the past forty years council has been meeting either in a private home or the Presbyterian Church of Birmingham. A new community building will make council meetings, voting and other community functions more accessible to residents.
Winters will follow up with contractor Bruce Cox who presented the lowest estimate for the complete project package.
Other council business included:
• discussion of a storm drainage problem on Market Street, where a contractor has been contacted to fix the problem;
• PENNDOT was contacted concerning erosion between the intersection of Centre Alley and a roadway that is maintained by them. The erosion has formed a fairly deep rut at this intersection. PENNDOT stated that this was not an area of their responsibility;
• estimates on paving Centre Alley will be obtained;
• spring clean up day is scheduled for Saturday, April 19. Instructions for the clean up will be handed out to all residents.