Bigelow-Cherry attempting to become District Justice

A life-long resident of Northern Blair County, Suzanne Bigelow-Cherry, is running for the position of district magistrate for Tyrone, Bellwood, Snyder Township, Antis Township and parts of Tyrone Township.
Bigelow-Cherry, who has been practicing law for the past 10 years, believes that she can provide experience to the office.
“Our close knit community is facing some big city problems,” said Bigelow-Cherry. “Drugs are available throughout our community. I have seen drugs cost individuals their families and their liveliehoods. Drugs are a cause in the rise in crimes and domestic violence. I have spent time in civil litigation, the criminal justice system, talking with mental health workers, educators and pastors trying to find ways to address this issue. I hope to bring experience to the office and help make our community a safer place to live.”
She also wants to go after the suppliers.
“There are people who are supplying the young people with drugs and alcohol,” said Bigelow-Cherry. “These are the people that we need to be going after. This can’t be tolerated.”
When asked if there were any endorsements she received, Bigelow-Cherry replied, “I haven’t been asking for endorsements. I don’t want to owe anyone anything. I believe that any person coming before the bench should be treated impartially.”
Bigelow-Cherry graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with undergraduate degrees in political science and psychology and earned her law degree from the University of Akron.
After passing the bar exam, Bigelow-Cherry went into private practice.
“I have litigated cases in front of each district justice in Blair County,” said Bigelow-Cherry. “I have litigated at the Blair County Court of Common Pleas, representing parents, children and incapicated people. I have spent 10 years as a civil arbitrator for the Blair County Court of Common Pleas.”
Bigelow-Cherry has one main reason for seeking office.
“I believe that I can make a difference,” said Bigelow-Cherry. “I have worked for five years doing pro-bono legl service. I have represented a lot of hard working people who don’t have a lot of money for legal fees. I have volunteered for ‘Ask the Lawyer Night’ for Call for Action and have served on the Child Abuse Task Force.”
Bigelow-Cherry believes that juveniles need to realize that a crime is a crime.
“No offense is less serious because a juvenile committed the offense,” said the candidate. “The offense isn’t going to be looked at differently because a juvenile committed the offense. Obviously there are certain sentances and procedures that go with juvenile crime. They need someone to advise them or they could continue down the wrong path.”
Bigelow-Cherry is a believer in swift justice.
“The district justice has discression on the amount of bail that is set and approving continuances,” said the candidate. “Justice delayed is justice denied. Cases need to be promptly and swiftly addressed.”
Bigelow-Cherry and her husband Mike have two children and live in Sinking Valley, Tyrone Township.
Bigelow-Cherry will appear on both the Republican and Democratic tickets in the May primary.