Bellwood-Antis sophomore earns Eagle Scout honors

Have you ever heard of a wolf that wanted to become an eagle?
You would if you had talked to Bellwood-Antis sophomore Travis D. Hoover a few years ago.
Recently, Hoover was awarded the Eagle Scout rank, the highest rank of the Boy Scouts of America, at a ceremony held March 22 at the Bellwood Church of the Brethren. He said the accomplishment was something he had been working for since he became a Wolf Scout.
?It?s an honor for me and something I?ve been wanting for a pretty long time now,? said Hoover. ?I love scouting and everything involved with it. This really puts a cap on some great scouting experiences.?
According to Hoover, he first started scouting in the early 1990s and carried through the ranks of the Cub Scouts until 1998.
It was while he was still a Cub Scout when he met a mentor in Boy Scout Joe Edmiston.
?He was our den chief,? said Hoover. ?I really looked up to him.?
Hoover said he knew he wanted the Eagle Scout honor after he was invited to, and attended, Edmiston?s Eagle Court of Honor.
?I knew then that?s where I wanted to be,? he said.
With thoughts of an Eagle Scout ranking, Hoover continued to work through both hard and easy times in cub scouting. He admitted that he didn?t enjoy everything the scouts did, but said he liked more than he didn?t. He already had his goal, and was continuing to shoot for it.
?I was really excited when I was able to become a true Boy Scout,? said Hoover, who is a scout with Boy Scout Troop 29, chartered to Calvary United Methodist Church in Bellwood. ?I had some incredible times in Cub Scouts, but I knew there was a lot more for me in the future.?
Asked if his times while a Boy Scout were fun, interesting, happy, sad, trying, easy…Hoover simply replied: ?All of the above.?
To finish his work on the Eagle Scout advancement, Hoover created a meditation trail on the grounds of Camp Blue Diamond, located near Petersburg. It was a project that began in January 2002 and wasn?t completed until November 2002.
?It was a tough project, but well needed,? said Hoover, who explained Camp Blue Diamond was once a popular nature area, but has since lost that luster. ?My mom and my grandparents really helped me along with the project and they deserve a lot of credit.?
Now, while wearing the Eagle Scout Badge on his uniform, Hoover is taking all the scouting skills and knowledge he has gained and is passing it along to the younger scouts.
?I like to work with the younger scouts and help them along in any way I can,? said Hoover. ?That?s what the older boys did with me and it rally helped out. I just want to return the favor.?
Hoover said any young man that has the slightest interest in scouting, ?should just go for it.?
?They have to understand that it will be hard at times and at other times it will be easy,? he said. ?But nevertheless, scouting really has shaped me as a person. I am happy I had the opportunity to become a part of this.?
Aside from his scouting duties. Hoover is also involved in the Bellwood-Antis High School Band, where he has played the trumpet for more than five years. He also has ten years experience with the piano and also sings in the chorus.
He is also a volunteer fireman with the Bellwood-Antis Volunteer Fire Company.